I'm not sure if this technically fits in the Vintage forum since this may be the death knell of the Vintage line but here goes....

The folks over at SW.com have posted images of the new packaging for 2012. I guess the whole line will revolve around the rerelease of the Phantom Menace on the big screen.

Frankly I think the packaging is okay. I like that we're moving away from all Clone Wars all the time, but having Maul be the dominant image on the cardbacks may make it difficult to flip through those figures on the pegs to find the one you want waaaaay in the back. Also, I'll be sad to see the vintage line go though, getting away from the coffin blisters may mean more goodies packed with our figures but I can only imagine what that would do to the price.

My biggest concern though is seeing a return to the bad old days where Legacy, Legends, and CW all had essentially the same packaging which lead to real shortages when clueless stockers filled the pegs with only one or two of the lines. As the interview says, there will not even be a variation in packaging for the CW stuff so I'm already having nightmares about seeing pegs crammed with figures no one wants that just sit there.