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    Human Target (2010 version)

    Ando and I have been sharing a brief dialogue in another thread, so I thought I'd open up a proper thread for the show and not stray from the original intent of the other thread (the paranormal one).

    ANYHOW... I caught this show mid last season (the "Baptiste" episode) and really enjoyed it (not just 'cos I think Mark Valley is really handsome or that Chi McBride cracks me up with his bitterness and sarcasm), but I think this is possibly one of the best pure action shows that's been made in years! The character of Guerrero fascinates me and Jackie Earle Haley's portrayal of him is simply top-notch. The writing is generally quite sharp and, while it doesn't really get emotionally deep, it does give you good characters, plots and some good humour. It also features some of the best stunt work I've seen on television (did anyone catch the episode with the assassin leaping down the levels of a car park?!!!).

    Having enjoyed the last season, I was intrigued by the addition of the female characters and how they would fit into a largely male-oriented genre show. While I find Ames rather disposable, I like her. Ilsa Pucci? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her! It took me a long time to realise that she's the same actress who portrayed Susie Coleman in series one of Torchwood. I hated Susie and thought the actress was completely unattractive, but quite talented. I find her to be so striking in the role of Ilsa and am quite attracted to her unconventional looks. They glammed her up nicely and really got her into the action of the show this season. She's almost the Maddie Hayes of the agency and I kinda like that aspect of her character.

    Anyone else besides me and Ando into this show?
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    I cannot watch it. I simply cannot.

    I see the awesome Chi McBride and I am reminded of Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies. Then I begin weeping uncontrollably as I have to relive that show's cancellation.
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    Well, that's a big reason why I started watching the show in the first place. I simply cannot get enouogh of Chi McBride. Pushing Daisies was one of the most magical shows that ever aired. It was so smart and so stylised that I think the general population (with their reality show mindsets) couldn't get their heads and hearts around something like it.

    Anyhow... Yeah, Chi is awesome!
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    I started watching this show from episode 1. The commercial promos made it look fun -- not too heavy with just the right amount of action and humor. Another big plus is that it takes place in San Francisco, which is one of my favorite cities to visit and since Monk ended, I have been jonesing for a show that takes place there.

    My wife didn't get hooked until a couple episodes into the second season, but by the end, she was more upset than I was.

    I was apprehensive about the new character additions of Ames and Ilsa, but 2-3 episodes in, I was amazed at how much I liked it. Very rarely do shows get tweaked for the better and this was one of them.

    Anyways, this show is one of our favorites and I look forward to getting Season 1 on DVD (I ordered it from Amazon for $19.99!) and to hopefully seeing it come back for a 3rd season (although FOX has a very dismal record of keeping shows that I love).

    Glad there are other fans out there. Big thanks to JP for starting the thread.
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    I seriously love this scene...


    Every episode is so cinematic... and a lot of it has to do with Bear McCreary's music.

    I hope it comes back for a third season!!!!
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    I enjoy the show, too. Guerrro is my fave. Dude.

    I, too, am hoping it comes back for a third season.

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    I read that Fox was trying to figure out which show to save: Fringe, Human Target or Lie to Me. Seriously, dudes, save the first two. Why does it have to be ONE??? Your line-up is HORRIBLE these days and you could use some quality programming!!!
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    The wife and I fired up the first disc of season 1 last night. Great stuff. In my opinion, the show just got better as it went on, especially into the second season.

    I don't want to sound negative, but FOX has an almost impecable record of killing good, original, scripted programs. Exhibit A is Arrested Development. Hopefully this show will survive.
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    My partner and I are just finishing up season one on DVD. He'd never watched any of it until about episode five of season two and now he just loves this show.

    You're right, though, about Fox; they tend to kill off the best shows or really mess them up so that there's no way for them to recover (the airing of Firefly out of sequence so that the show didn't make any sense to the viewers from the word "go").
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    Yep... Firefly was the other big one that they goofed up on. That show should have lasted 2 seasons. We caught a few episodes the other night on the Science channel (Comcast 772). That was a show I never got into until it was on DVD back in 2004/2005.
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