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    Article: Hasbro Star Wars 2012 Line Package Revealed

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I absolutely dislike it. Maul looks ridiculous up there, just too much, and the curve doesn't fit the Star Wars style (it fits the Neimoidian designs in Ep 1, but that's about it). It feels simple and unimportant, and for the figure card, the bubble looks complex without allowing focus on the character.

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    I am not feeling it much either....

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    The anniversary is just another reason for Hasbro to exploit Maul again....

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    Hasbro didn't design these. It's for all Star Wars products from all licensees, as they've been doing since 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    Hasbro didn't design these. It's for all Star Wars products from all licensees, as they've been doing since 2005.
    Who inspired that?...Satan perhaps? Isn't that special.

    Maul sticks out like a sore thumb with the hot red over the cool blue. Unmistakable and the first thing that will catch the eye in the toy isle. I don't know who else they could put on there for the anniversary.

    Though with the actual figure that's in there's picture on the left side, when you are flipping through them to find your character they might easily fall off the pegs with the hook facing the same way. Something they probably didn't consider in design.
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    I'm thinking that maybe they'll take an iconic character from each movie and use it for the packaging character at the top right for the next few years:

    2012: Darth Maul
    2013: Chewbacca?
    2014: Jango Fett?
    2015: Yoda?
    2016: General Grievous?
    2017: Jabba the Hutt?

    OK - we've had Vader. Original cards once featured Luke & Leia. POTJ had Obi-Wan.

    R2-D2 (with C-3PO?) might be a good idea. But these others would look cool. Chewie roaring with the SW logo behind him has never been done. His artwork for the Chewbacca Unleashed figure would make a great inspiration to begin the packaging with.

    Would a Chewie card be cool or what?


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