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Since no one else has started such a thread and since we don't have an official petition (as with the Micro Machines), I am using this forum to voice an empassioned plea to Hasbro. BRING BACK THE EOPIE (w/Qui-Gon Jinn)! There is no reason that it cannot be re-released under the Power of the Jedi logo. Just try finding one of these things. I have tried to bid on eBay and been consistantly outbid at $50.00! There is obviously a demand for the illusive last of the beast packs in THIS COUNTRY, why not meet that demand with product. Ulike the late 80's when Yak Face was relegated to a European only release due to lack of retailer demand for Star Wars figures (one report I heard was that Kenner offered figures for as little as a penny each and retailers would not buy, so most were melted down at the end of the production run), there is still a highly active demand for Star Wars today. Hasbro has made great improvements in recognizing this demand, but in the case of the Eopie Beast Pack (and indeed the counterpart Falumpaset), our needs are being ignored.
So, please join with me in imploring Hasbro to re-release this much sought after set. Please use this thread as a kind of makeshift petition. My hope is for this thread to be not so much a forum for discussion as a place for as many fans as possible to sound off on a mutual desire to see the Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn finally get a proper domestic release so we can complete our collections without being taken to the cleaners!
What say you?!