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Thread: Surprise!

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    Talking Lucky me!!

    ok here goes:

    When i was a kid my parents got me The Ewok village, the W-wing and the Millenium Falcon on 3 different Ctmas.

    Now, my gf has given me The Outrider, the Naboo Royal Starship, Several figures like 21-b, and SOE Dash Rendar. She gave me the jawas and the tusken raiders.

    My oldest brother gave me the New Millenium Falcon.

    My middle brother and her wife gave me the AT-ST and the Tie fighter, among several hard to find figures like the Dark trooper and the Space trooper.

    So as u can see lots of ppl have contributed surprisingly to my collection.
    As always...........L

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    Thumbs up

    My girlfriend is tolerant of my collection, but she bought me something she didn't want to. She did some research and found (I don't know where) that this certain noisy R2-D2 phone was supposedly the most popular Star Wars Collectible ever. So she bought me one. And it is cool. Instead of ringing, it lights up, the dome oscillates back and forth, and it does a bunch of R2 speak when someone calls. it is loud and obnoxious, but she refuses to be sorry she bought it for me. (She did go out and buy me a very expensive phone that has a lot of functions to ensure that I would quit using the R2-D2 phone, though.)
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    This just in: girls have cooties.

    Ewwwwwwwww, girls are icky.

    If I weren't fatter than a hutt and twice as smelly perhaps I would have a woman of my own

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    Bah! Girls is too much trouble....
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    Yeah, my girlfriend is pretty supportive of my collection, but I was truly impressed by something she did a few weeks ago. I had never seen a biker scout, clean or dirty, in the store before. I got a call from her at work. She was calling on her cell phone from Kay Bee, where they had a ton of POTJ figures. She said she was holding a figure that she was pretty sure was a biker scout but he was all dirty. I was ecstatic. She bought me that one, also asking about some of the others she saw. (Unfortunately they weren't having the two-for-one sale.) Then, a few days later she found me another at K-mart, also picking up a Calamari and a Boomer Damaged Battle Droid! (I'd seen them before, but always had more urgent things to buy.) I love her.

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    I don't know if it's me or my Star Wars collection that girls don't like.

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    When I was a kid my parents were quite tolerant of my Star Wars collecting and one night my Dad came home from a late day at the office and woke my brothers and I up so we could see what he got for us. He had bought the Death Squad Commander (this is in the 70's mind you) the last of the original 12 I had not yet found. He picked up a record album (again, the 70's) for my older brother and something else for my little brother (you kind of have to do these things when you have multiple kids I think).

    Years and years later my wife surprised me by buying the only vintage vehicle I was missing for my collection, the Droids A-Wing (I had refused to buy it because it was under the Droids logo and not the Jedi one).

    Every now and then someone I know will surprise me with something they have found and were goodly enough to pick up for me, like Bubba Fatt the other day finding a 12" Tarpals and Kaadu at Target for about $12.00 long after they had disappeared. And Sith Worm (along with the Boy Genius who is not a SSG member) have the best luck finding the new stuff for me.

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    I found a TRU with hundreds of royal guards the other day and I was only there to pick up a deluxe Yoda. So i left the royal guards sitting on the pegs. I get back to the car and tell my partner who instantly pipes up with "do you want some royal guards then? How many? Go back and get some and charge it to my card." just like that. I said no though. I couldn't allow my partner to start buying me too much when it's my hobby not theirs. I already have some royal guards anyway despite wanting an army of them I had to be content to appreciate the love ans understanding and generous offer but if I'm getting toys with my own money then I can't expect my partner to stump up too. That's just not fair.

    But inside I did want to say yes.........

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    I think the biggest suprise I got was the Christmas my wife bought me a B-Wing. I didn't expect it. She said she found it on clearance at Target.

    The "worst" suprise I got was my 9th birthday (so it must have been 1982). My parents were divorced and my mom just remarried. We had just moved from New York to Maryland. Anyway, my father calls me and says he sent me an AT-AT, however, it was crushed in the mail and returned to him.

    That was the last time I have ever spoke with him. He never tried to contact me since.
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    ouch. I'll never be able to watch ESB again without thinking about that and becoming sad.

    :group hug:

    seriously though, ouch.
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