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Thread: Surprise!

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    About 2 years after Episode I came out my friend gave me a Darth Maul Final Duel which I couldn't find anywhere (in Winter 2000) gave it to me as a birthday present I was really surprised, ever since then he started collecting.
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    ok....we know a girl who does a morning talk show for a local radio. we are good freinds of hers, but out of the blue, she gives my dad the ultimate edition SW EI soundtrack! my dad was very happy since he collects SW music stuff too!
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    Originally posted by SWAFMAN
    ouch. I'll never be able to watch ESB again without thinking about that and becoming sad.

    :group hug:

    seriously though, ouch.
    Actually, it didn't really bother me too much. Out of sight, out of mind, if you will. I wasn't really that close with him. It worked out in the end because my stepfather raised my younger brother and I like we were his own.

    I thought of another "suprise." My mother in law knows I'm a big Star Wars fan, so for a while there she was buying me gag gifts for Christmas and by birthday. She got me a pair of Episode 1 boxers, a Episode 1 60 piece puzzle, EP1 3-D puzzle, and most recently, she got me the Jedi quiz book with lightsaber pen.
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    One of my suprises came in August of 1999.It was my birthday and my parents actually got me Podracer Bedsheets with a matching Podracer quilt.I was very suprised at that,because at the time my parents still thought my SW Fandom was a fad.

    Uh..Another recent suprise was my parents picked up the Sams Club "Jedi" tin for me..out of the blue!Didnt even have to pay for that one
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    Wink Between The Lines

    Emporer Jargo,

    I don't think anyone else noticed that you are gay.

    I am proud that you chose to say partner and it makes me happy that there are other proud star wars fans out there.'

    And another thing, let your boyfriend buy you whatever he wants too, he just wants to make you happy and you could be hurting his feelings.

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    I think it may be time to leave now.

    *quickly grabs all of his belongings and runs away with a trail of papers flying*
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    Oh stop.

    You love it.

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    I love everyone, no matter their age, race, sex, religion, or sexual preference.
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    Thats super-doo.

    You see, I hate everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, size, or sexy pref.

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    Nope pretty much SW gifts my mom bought me were made to be taken back by my dad. I remember that I was going to get my first Chewbacca from ROTJ ever and some Ewoks. But my dad said that they looked like "little hairy demons." okay.............
    refer to thread"Holy Roller" Parents against you in SW .

    I am getting mad just thinking about the memory.
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