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Thread: Surprise!

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    Lambchops, I just don't understand the relevence of your post. What does gender sexuality have to do with this. The point it that I actually have a partner who cares and who loves me enough to do such things as offer to buy me stuff, because my partner believes it will make me happy.
    I should have clarified my previous post to state that what I was trying to say is that I am happy because my partner offered. I don't need to be bought stuff to be shown love, the thought is enough. the offer of buying is enough. The willingness to go without so that I might have something is enough to show the dedication my partner has for me.

    What exactly was it you wanted to say to me Lambchop? spit it out before it chokes you.
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    my girlfriend thinks that my collection is "cute." She's getting me a lightsaber for christmas, but i'm not supposed to know... heeheehee i love her
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    It's E J's business and he shouldn't feel obliged to say anything.

    If you read lambchops's interests in his profile, it is quite clear that someone is having a bit of a laugh. One of my prejudices is g@y people that try to out other g@y people. I also loathe people that define and therefore limit themselves purely by their sexuality.

    Oh, and for any anti-g@y bigots that want to start asserting their heterosexuality, try checking out the sexuality of cherished historical heroes in some biographies......

    (edit had to replace 'a' with an '@' to prevent the word 'g@y' being replaced with 'fairy' - The programming needs to be checked out)

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    Re: Between The Lines

    Originally posted by Lambchops
    Emporer Jargo,

    I don't think anyone else noticed that you are fairy.

    I am proud that you chose to say partner and it makes me happy that there are other proud star wars fans out there.'

    And another thing, let your boyfriend buy you whatever he wants too, he just wants to make you happy and you could be hurting his feelings.
    What the hell do you care if he's g@y. What does that have to do with you??? Are you looking for some [EDITED]? If he's g@y or straight it doesn't matter this is a Star Wars forum not one about sexuality. Maybe he says partner because he wants to. .

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    Okay, I'm asking that everyone calm down and stop posting unless it's relevent to the subject of the thread. I know that Lambchops has a problem, but it's his not mine.

    I started this thread with good intentions and I'd like this thread to stay open if that's okay.

    Please guys, Lambchops isn't worth the hassle. neither are any of the other users currently cropping up with the express intent of flaming. Those account holders will be dealt with accordingly by admin so let's get back to decent conversations and let's ignore the childish among us until they simply fade away.

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    I remember being a kid, and one time my dad arrived home from work. Nothing unusual, but as he was at the garage entrance taking off his work boots, he called me to see him. OOPS, what am I in trouble for?, I thought.
    So I head back there apprehensively, and what does he do? He pulls out a carded Tusken Raider ! I was so excited! So much that I managed to lose the Gaffi stick that night. Usually it took me a week to lose weapons. :happy:

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    Not star wars but still a surprise, when I was about four or five I got a load of Corgi hotwheels sized cars for my birthday. I had one in particular which was my favourite, A purple Mustang with a speckly finish to the paintwork that sparkled in the light. I took that car everywhere with me until one day it just vanished... nowhere could it be found. Man, I blubbed like a baby for days about that car. but it ws gone.......

    A couple of weeks later me and my Dad were in the car going for takeaway dinner for the family. We'd stopped outside the stores to wait for the takeaway place to open and my Dad says tyo me to look in the glove compartment. I thought he was pulling a joke so I cautiosly opened the compartment and looked inside. Nothing but junk and pens and a shammy rag and a purple Mustang and another identicle purple Mustang.... HOLY SCHMOLY!! My Dad had hunted for days to find my car and in the meantime had gone out and hunted one out in the stores. Then he found the original and I had two. It was just a two inch car but it meant so much to me that I never forgot the incident. My Mum and Dad split up that xmas and I didn't see my Dad again for nineteen years. Course by then I'd well lost the cars but I never forgot how he'd done that for me. His one redeeming act it will be.

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    Its wierd, I remember a lot of things about my childhood, but I don't remember actually getting many of my figures. I suppose my mom has some pictures of the Christmas' and birthday when I got them, but I haven't seen those pictures in years.

    She did suprise me a month or two ago. They just moved from Atlanta to Los Angelas. She said while they were cleaning my youngest brother's things, she found my Darth Vader carry case. When I go to see her in Oct, I get to bring it back with me. I doubt there are any figures in it, but, I still get my case back.

    Bossk is the exception. I bought him at the mall and managed to lose his gun in the back seat before we even got home.
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    I remember my best Star Wars Christmas, the best present was hidden in plain sight. I got Leia and Han (original 12) loose in my stocking, then unwrapped an Xwing. I was busy playing a game with my little brother (some purple hockey player who would shoot the puck when you pushed on his head - anyone else have that? Or the football one that kicked field goals?). My dad says to me, after quite a long time, "Don't you want your other present?" Thinking I was done with gifts, I looked at him. He pointed to the bottom of the tree. There, but kind of next to our big stereo-in-wooden-cabinet deal was the Millenium Falcon, in what I then thought was the biggest toy box in the world. I think I nearly fainted. To this day I think that was my best Christmas, because I didn't even ask for that toy but there it was. I was floored. My parents are the greatest.


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