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Thread: Surprise!

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    I'd have to say my biggest Star Wars suprise was December 1995. (My birthday is in that month so that added to it) and the reason why that's so special is because for my birthday I got all of the first POTF2 figures and the Landspeeder, then for Christmas I got the AT-ST, X-wing, TIE Fighter and Falcon.
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    My ex girlfriend got me a Geonosian warrior while she was shopping....
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    During the Episode 1 fast food toy craze my mom would regulary bring me the toys or cup toppers without myself asking.

    She also offers to pay for a lot of my Star Wars merchandise (she knows how heavy a spender I am for SW stuff) but I decline. She shouldn't have to spend her own money to support my habit. Once in a while though, she'll buy me figures like the POTF2 jawa 2 pack and a Saga R2-D2 (her excuse, "because I love the figures." She does. but I feel she buys them to make me happier, not herself.) Usually though, I refuse to accept any of her $$$.

    Except during Christmas and birthdays of course. And and day of the week that ends with the letter 'y.'
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    Just the other day, my women got me a Nexu without even asking. It was doubly special for me since the Nexu is the only decent figure to come out in the last few months. With the sound chip and the prehensile tail? SWEEEEET!

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    i don't remember this, as it was all secret, but i was told the story much later... one christmas was the year of the ewok village craze, and my mom was looking all over for it... so much so that she was enlisting all kinds of help. after weeks of searching, she found one. and so did two other "agents." making three, naturally... of course, we only needed one... so the other two went back to the store. oh, if only those two were still in my possession, MINT IN BOX!!!! it just hurts to think about what could've been.... *sigh*
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    whoa, chill the [EDITED] out guys. I was simply stating that I have never met/heard of another Gay man who was into (no pun inteneded) star wars before, (allthough I always wondered about Hamil)

    I wasn't trying to OUT anyone, just make the rest of you that kept replying with the ignorant pre-disposition feel stupid.

    This weekend I met Billy Dee Williams at a Toy fare, he was charging 30$ to have autographs, my PARTNER, offered to pay for it, which was fine, at first.

    Then I started to think about this Message Board, and Jargo's statements on how love has no dollar signs, I refused to let him pay for it, he looked a little hurt, but then I told him, "Your My Lando, who needs him anyway."


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    Lambchops, say hello to DeadEye for me, please.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    (sorry that joke was uncalled for, but don't worry it didn't involve anyone who posted in this thread, plus I shouldn't be bashing on DeadEye while he's not here to defend himself)
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    Well nice to see nothing ever changes...

    My biggest surprise had to be my 28th birthday which was the first one I had spent with my wife-to-be and she surprised me with the talking Darth Vader bank. It was the first time since I was a kid that anybody got me anything Star Wars related. It was also the first time somebody actually listened to what I really wanted.

    Any wonder I'm marrying her? :bliss:
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    Bill, we could star in our own documentary...

    Star Wars Buffs and the Women who love them.

    My wife bought me all the figures between the summer of '99 and '00 while I was in Korea and all the figures from the last quarter of '01 while I was deployed to Kuwait. I just gave her a description to her on what to look for.
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