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Thread: Surprise!

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    Talking Surprise!

    Yesterday, my partner who is not a star wars fan in any way shape or form came home from shopping in town and handed me a bag which contained A bespin guard and a sandtrooper (plus three POTF2 stormtroopers ) totally out of the blue and totally unexpected. Simply out of love for yours truly. I was gobsmacked and delighted that not only had I recieved a present of 'toys' from a non toy person but that it was actually what I had been looking for. What a lovely thing to do for me.

    So I thought I'd start this thread to ask what surprises you have had that brought you star wars things you didn't expect.

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    My gf (see thread Girlfriend hates my toys) bought me an EPI Yoda and Watto for present on Christmas of 99'. That was it till today. Yes, I've waited a past the millenium with no luck

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    Man, your woman must really love you, Jargo, to buy you Star Wars stuff if she isn't a Star Wars fan.

    If only I could be so lucky.

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    I've had friends over the years given my Star Wars stuff like SW glasses,Toys,Theatre Posters and more

    Always nice of them to do that
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    3PO/R2 electronic coin bank for x-mas or my birthday, don't remember which. But I played with that sucker for a LOOONG time, it's still right here next to me. It was the hit of that gift-giving day, everybody was pushing the button to see it go.
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    Sometime around 1983 = Scout Walker, for an Easter present
    I ocassionally get "odd" SW gifts for Christmas, like the Jar Jar Wake-Up System (isn't as bad as some may think), calendars, pencils, greeting cards (well, I guess these aren't really odd ). No one ever buys me figures or toys because they have no idea what I have or don't. I don't understand it; here's a conversation: "What ones don't you have?" "Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, Queen Amidala Theed Invasion, Tessek, R2-Q9, and Lando Calrissian Bespin Escape." Silence.
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    My mom put the IG-88 and Boba Fett 2-pack figures on my birthday cake on year...that was pretty surprising, although I must say it was hell getting the cake iceing off IG-88's feet.
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    I opened my 12" Cap'n Tarpals, but wasn't sure how to display him. I came home from work the next day, and my girlfriend had set him up on a counter with straw around his feet--it looks incredible! She's called me from stores before to ask which figures I need and, though she normally doesn't surprise me with Star Wars stuff (she's afraid I'll already have something), she did pick up the overpriced-but-nice Queen Amidala's Amulet book.

    But I'm not sure if that compares to my dad coming home when I was a youngin with Blue Snags in his shirt pocket (he was a toy department manager at Sears and apparently this figure was savaged from an otherwise damaged Cantina Playset that had been returned).
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    my sister likes going to goodwill to find good deals on stuff and sometimes she finds some cool star wars stuff there. She got me a stack of vintage star wars trading cards there for somewhere between 50 cents and a dollar. Target gives stuff to this goodwill and they gave some 12" Han Solo in Carbonite firures to GW and they sold 'em for $5!! That was a good deal. The only problem was that goodwill put a big GW on the box.

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    It was our 1st or maybe our 3rd Christmas together.My wife gave me not one but many star wars gifts.Mostly vehicles,like x-wing,slave 1,tie fighter and Darth's tie and a few more.Yes I was blown away by this.She's too good to me,I'm lucky!
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