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    I'm REALLY out of room now

    With the relesae of the ROTS line this week, I have found myself OUT OF ROOM to display my collections. Something is going to have to be boxed up. Which collection should go... POTF2; E1; E2; Gold Saga; or the OTC? I have already taken over 2 rooms in the house, and I can't have any more. Which would you store? I'm thinking POTF2 stuff.

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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    Put all the Prequel stuff away.

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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    Keep the ROTS stuff up, it will psyche you up for the movie's release next month.
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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    Shame on all of you!!!!!

    The correct answer is: None of the above.

    You need to build a special "display wing" on to your house.
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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    Put all the Prequel stuff away.

    My loose Episode I stuff would be the first to go back into storage should I need the room. Followed shortly by the loose Episode II stuff.

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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    I'd lose the POTF2 stuff and maybe some of the TPM stuff. The prequels are what should be on display.

    When they re-release the OT in a few years, put up POTF2, POTJ, Saga, OTC ect...

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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    I've been orchestrating a combination of tactics in order to maximize my storage space.

    1) Added modular shelving (most that "Organize It" line from Target)
    2) Mounted shelves on the walls
    3) Reorganized the items hanging on the walls (posters, carded figures, etc.)
    4) Mounted other items on the walls (Wookie Super Soaker, starfighters, etc.) by positioning enough nails to support the weight and balance
    5) Moved older figures into my storage closet.


    I'm STILL out of room!!!

    Oh of these days we'll have a bigger apartment or house...
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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    Arrange it by movie, and put away stuff in the following order of films until you have room:

    1) Episode I
    2) Episode VI
    3) Episode II
    4) Episode IV
    5) Episode V

    Of course, this means that pretty much only the Ep I stuff will most likely have to go away, which is as it should be. *grin*
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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    I had to put most of my collection in storage a long time ago ...


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    Re: I'm REALLY out of room now

    I finally had to take down a few '95-era POTF2 figures to make room for my first 18 ROTS figures, and I'm almost out of room again! I have nowhere to put my Lego ARC-170, can't imagine what'll happen when I get the Hasbro one. My biggest mistake was not getting taller shelving when I had the chance, walls are a big empty waste of space!!!
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