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    Premium Format Han in Carbonite

    So, SS showed off more pics of the piece and it looks really cool! Except for the overdone carbonite detailing. They captured the look on the 1:6 scale version, but for some reason chose to put Han in a carbonite jacuzzi this time.

    The lighting looks great though, especially the "thawing" appearance. I'm most impressed that they not only duplicated the hero/life-scan panel for the top right side, which they missed on the 1:6 version, but they even have it lighting up.

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    I really want this. But as much as I do, a 1:1 full scale Carbonite Han is my Holy Grail. So I must pass in hopes and I am able to acquire and Illusive Concepts piece or that someone makes a new one.
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    Wow Basker, you are not kidding about the over-the-top nature of the carbonite ripples! Compare to this image on Wookieepedia:
    or this movie screen grab:
    (I also don't think the mouth is quite accurate, and there's something wrong with the right eye, but those could be about angle.)

    I do like the light up effect a lot, but for the price, it should be an exact replica, not an artist's interpretation. If it was $100, I could understand it, but at $300 for a figure with no clothes or separate pieces, just a block with lights, it needs to be perfection. That said, I am still tempted.
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