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    Article: Grand Opening of Star Wars Miniland at LEGOLAND California

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Our own JediTricks had the pleasure of covering this show and he took a lot of photos! Nice job!

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    Great photos! Those models are really impressive!

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    Legoland put on a pretty good show for this ribbon ceremony. The photos were actually shot by my buddy, Spork. I was there to take notes for writing up later, although this article did a great job before I've even had time to decipher my chicken scratch.

    The diorama pieces were really cool, and some animation was found in each one to bring them to life. I took video of some, we'll see how it comes out once I've gotten some sleep (I woke up at 6am and feel like something under my shoe).

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    I'm going through my notes, and this article already covers so much! So I'll just include the other stuff here in this comment...

    - The LEGO Star Wars sand sculpture will be on display for 1 week. The characters are holding Legoland park souvenir light-up lightsabers.

    - Overheard Christian Slater say his favorite Star Wars movie was A New Hope, it "opened his eyes."

    - Carson's visit to Legoland included building a miniland figure of himself, and it's set in one of the other minilands, Las Vegas.

    - Clone Wars voice actors Catherine Taber and James Arnold Taylor brought Carson a Hasbro Obi-Wan Kenobi & BARC Speeder set which they each autographed. We were able to get a photo of it just after the ceremony.

    - Carrie Fisher and Carson discussed the finer points of her "mother" being in his favorite film, ROTS, to which Carrie sarcastically referred to her as "queen, uh... Amidilla? Is that how you say it? Amidala! Aren't I good at this?"

    - Legoland General Manager Peter Ronchetti opened his remarks glibly being a little unnerved by Darth Maul in the audience and asking if Maul could look at someone else instead. He then went on to thank the guests for coming, including Carlsbad's new mayor, Matt Hall.

    - The building at Christophsis was said to stand 8 feet tall, but seems even taller. The diorama for the battle below it billows smoke every once in a while.

    - When Carson and Carrie were presented with their special miniland Leia Hoth figures out of the diorama, they compared them and Carrie decreed that Carson's was taller.

    - In all of the Legoland California Miniland areas, there were 25 million bricks used, but now I guess we can raise that number to 26.5 million, thanks to Star Wars Miniland.


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