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    Article: 'The Clone Wars' Season 4 Teaser

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    So, are they re-telling the events of the micro-series now? That looks like the Battle of Mon Calamari, and the other clip showed a shirtless Kit Fisto on his underwater waterski thingy.

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    It's possible that it's a separate battle on the same planet later in the war. Kit didn't have the vehicle in the microseries, did he?

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    I don't remember--I thought he did, but I might be mistaken.
    Just curious; no matter what anyone might think of the quality of either show as compared to the other, completely eliminating the first from "canon" might be the smartest way to go to make everything else work together more smoothly.
    That's my jacket!

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    They keep going back to Fellucia many times and as recently as "Padawan Lost."
    They won a battle against the Quarren and the Separatists on Mon Calamari. That doesn't mean the won the war.
    That is one of my favorite episodes in the Micro Series though, and if they do go there I doubt they'll be including a Lobster weapon or Kit's force ball weapon. We'll probably see Aqua Droids instead of Battledroids.
    Is that a young Admiral Ackbar in the clip?

    Looks like some underwater scenes with the Gungans also.


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