CAUTION: For those of you who are not caught up with the current episode for any reason (i.e., "I missed it", "I live in a country where they haven't aired season 3 yet", "what's Farscape?"), then this thread will contain



So, if you've read this far, you know that Stark took off to look for Zahn's spirit and left his mask behind for the surviving Crichton, who got it when Talon found Moya and the 2 crews reunited. As soon as Crichton touched it, it set off a holographic message that the "other", dead Crichton left within it detailing the rest of the wormhole situation and how the surviving one has to stop Scorpius from unlocking this technology and destroying the universe. These are the 2 points that I want to talk about...

It seems to me that Farscape keeps reinventing itself every season or so, but these two things have the potential to turn Farscape from a show about these characters into a show about Crichton's mission, and I'm not sure if that's a good idea; while on the other hand, Stark's mission seems to feel exactly like the way Farscape has conducted business throughout it's run, whether he finds her or not. Stark's mission seems like a multi-episode storyline, but not a change of the show's core, but Crichton's mission, which has sucked in the rest of the group, seems like a change directly at the core of what the show is about. Is that a good idea, giving it a "mission" like First Wave, Star Trek: Voyager or B5: Crusade? I've always felt that Farscape stands out from most other shows because it's almost an anthology, like Stargate SG1, The Chronicle, even Lexx in a way; they have running storylines and a standard cast of characters, beyond their themes, they see and do totally new things to survive or just to live, and that's what we see, not "we must do this episode to get to the next" type of stuff. Do you think Farscape will become a "one-mission, one-goal" show that concentrates on that, and if so, is this OK with you? Or do you think that this is just another running story arc that'll play itself out and let the show continue on after they've done their thing, a la Earth: Final Conflict (best example I could come up with)?