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    Does Ahsoka cross-draw her lightsabers in Season 3?

    I got the season 3 Ahsoka figure recently, and she comes with 2 lightsaber hilts for her belt, one short and one long. However, I cannot remember if she cross-draws her lightsabers or not. (That means she would grab a saber on her left hip with her right hand.) Most Jedi in the films cross-draw the way a knight would draw his sword (this is intentional on the filmmakers' part as a piece of cinematic language to express a small thing to the audience about the characters, subtly linking Jedi with Samurai, for example).

    We know Ahsoka is predominately right-handed when it comes to saber-work, seasons 1 and 2 confirmed that. Season 3 images I've found online show her wearing the shorter saber on her right hip. But all the pics I've found from the show where she's USING both sabers have one saber out of frame, so it's hard to tell which one she's holding. The few promo pics online from Lucasfilm seem to contradict each other, some sites showing it flipped (she's fairly symmetrical from most angles, with only the head-tail necklace on the back showing a side preference, to the right in that case, but most images don't show it anyway).

    It's also difficult in stills to make the sabers out from each other, the pommels are the same, as are the lower sections with the activation buttons, it's only the length of the forward part and the lack of the clips at the end which differentiates them (the shorter saber has no clips, the longer one has a clip on either side of the beam emitter).

    So, does Ahsoka use the short saber in her right hand and the long saber in her left hand from a cross-draw? My guess is she does, but am not sure.

    And if anybody confirms this from visual evidence, to take it one step further, does Ahsoka draw the short or long saber first? (Not that I plan a ton of Ahsoka drawing her lightsabers at the same time poses for the figure, but you never know when that pose might come up.)
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    I may not be the best to discuss this, but, from what you've described, it would certainly sound like she cross-draws (even though, if you really think about it, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to draw a bladeless unactivated hilt the same way one would draw an actual sword). The longer of the two would usually be used as the primary (though Musashi pioneered, or at least popularized, a style in the 17th century where the swords were equally important), so that would be the one in her right hand if she's been demonstrated to be right-handed. Different samurai drew them differently, though, depending on their school of swordsmanship, either simultaneously or in a given order, and there was sometimes a lot of variation between schools.

    Then again, most historical images I've seen of samurai show them wearing both swords on the same side, though on opposite hips isn't unheard of.

    Bottom line: I'm not putting down The Clone Wars when I say this, but I'd suspect Ahsoka's style is probably based more on the popular modern conception of the samurai than on anything from history. I'd wager she draws them simultaneously (until it's shown otherwise), simply because it looks cooler.
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    Hey JT, I just checked the episode guide for Season 3 Episode 19 "Counterattack" And image 17 of 50 of the slide show clearly shows Ahsoka with her short saber on her right hip and her standard saber on her left hip.
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    Then picture 29 shows her with her short saber still on her right hip while she is holding her standard saber in her right hand, so it would appear that she does indeed cross draw her sabers.
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    She's barely used them so far (only in the Mortis and Citadel trilogies, and Padawan Lost, though I assume she'll have to recover her sabers or build new ones), but from what I recall if she only uses one then she uses the long one, so I assume (though I can't recall definitively) that she draws the long one before the short one.

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    I just rewatched the season 3 finale (the last 2 episodes) and it shows Ahsoka drawing both light sabers simultaneously right before she is caught by the trandoshan near the beginning of Padawan Lost.

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    Thanks for the confirmation on this, gang.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chux
    even though, if you really think about it, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to draw a bladeless unactivated hilt the same way one would draw an actual sword
    I disagree, drawing them like a sword brings the wielder to a state of ready as soon as it's drawn. If they were to simply draw it like a 6-gun on their hip, they would have a much longer state where the draw wouldn't produce a readied weapon, and once the arm finally was ready, the weapon would still not be facing the proper angle.

    Actually, let me revise that part, because in season 3, Ahsoka does seem to actually hold her sabers backwards from the traditional, with the blade running down beneath her hand. That's something which doesn't really make sense for a lightsaber, where there's no spine to stop against the wielder's arm, so the user ends up nearly defenseless with a blocked blade pushed into their own arm. But for this specific topic, it also appears to be impossible, she's cross-drawing, so either she's drawing them underhanded and has an extendable arm to do so, or she's flipping them in mid-draw which defeats the whole purpose of cross-drawing them. (A third alternative would be that she's drawing them with beam-emitters up, but it's clear to see that she's not wearing them that way.)
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