I got the season 3 Ahsoka figure recently, and she comes with 2 lightsaber hilts for her belt, one short and one long. However, I cannot remember if she cross-draws her lightsabers or not. (That means she would grab a saber on her left hip with her right hand.) Most Jedi in the films cross-draw the way a knight would draw his sword (this is intentional on the filmmakers' part as a piece of cinematic language to express a small thing to the audience about the characters, subtly linking Jedi with Samurai, for example).

We know Ahsoka is predominately right-handed when it comes to saber-work, seasons 1 and 2 confirmed that. Season 3 images I've found online show her wearing the shorter saber on her right hip. But all the pics I've found from the show where she's USING both sabers have one saber out of frame, so it's hard to tell which one she's holding. The few promo pics online from Lucasfilm seem to contradict each other, some sites showing it flipped (she's fairly symmetrical from most angles, with only the head-tail necklace on the back showing a side preference, to the right in that case, but most images don't show it anyway).

It's also difficult in stills to make the sabers out from each other, the pommels are the same, as are the lower sections with the activation buttons, it's only the length of the forward part and the lack of the clips at the end which differentiates them (the shorter saber has no clips, the longer one has a clip on either side of the beam emitter).

So, does Ahsoka use the short saber in her right hand and the long saber in her left hand from a cross-draw? My guess is she does, but am not sure.

And if anybody confirms this from visual evidence, to take it one step further, does Ahsoka draw the short or long saber first? (Not that I plan a ton of Ahsoka drawing her lightsabers at the same time poses for the figure, but you never know when that pose might come up.)