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    Unhappy Anyone miss out on the Gamorrean at retail *and* online?

    I can't believe how difficult it has been to get this figure short of ordering an entire case, which I cannot do. I couldn't find it at retail and all of my online orders went on backorder and were eventually cancelled.

    I really hope that this figure gets reissued in the Legacy collection next year.
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    It should be shipping again in May when the ROTJ wave is re-released (this time with Wedge!) Not that that will make it any easier to find, but at least you've got another shot at it. As well as it sold, it will probably be in the legends collection within a year or two, not that that helps you now.

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    I only saw it once.

    But if you come across it, maybe we can work out a trade for the 3,875 4-LOMs that appear to be everywhere.
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    I found it once and its card was beat to a pulp. The entire ROTJ wave was never in any of my local retailers, I broke down and ordered the wave from hasbrotoyshop, minus GG and Wicket because they were already sold out.

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    I saw 'em twice (one at each time) and bought one. I hope whomever bought the other one opened it, maybe even having a child make grunting noises while playing with it.
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    I was fortunate enough to find a total of 4 at my Walmart. I bought 3 of those 4. A friend of mine found another one at the Walmart in Shelbyville, IL and he sent me that one. I also got another one from bkusna on this forum.

    I ended up sending one to my brother for his birthday in February. He had just gotten back from Iraq and was going crazy trying to find one around Ft. Hood, TX. So I now have a grand total of 3 loose and one carded Gamorrean.

    I'll probably pick up some more when they rerelease the ROTJ wave. I will definitely buy one more to open because I picked up that gladiator Hulk figure from the MU line and plan to do a headswap (and a quick repaint) to turn him into a giant gladiator Gamorrean.
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    You guys are going to be ****ed but I got 12. I probably saw 16. I think I bought 14, kept 12, traded 2, and I saw 2 at Kohl's but wouldn't pay $10.99 each. If I saw them now, I'd pay the $10.99. When they are re-released, I'll get more. I think it's my favorite figure of all time.

    p.s. I can't believe that p-ssed got edited.

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    Well... I guess that's why I couldn't find one.
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    I found one Gamorrean back before Christmas and another about a week ago. I'm hoping for two more, but as (most) everyone else has noticed they've been hard to find around here. Since the pre-Christmas stocking was done, I've only managed to find one restock of the wave containing the piggy and one stocking of the wave with R5-D4. On the bright side, I've saved a lot of money in the last six months.

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    Saw him once, couldn't afford it, never saw him again. Hoping I can get one. though I have a couple of the past ones made, I would still like to have at least one new GG.
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