View Poll Results: Why primarily do you collect The Vintage Collection?

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  • for the Kenner classic-style carded experience

    6 35.29%
  • for the 1-of-every-new-figure carded experience

    2 11.76%
  • for the loose figure experience

    8 47.06%
  • I buy 2 of each figure, for loose and for carded

    1 5.88%
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    Why do you collect The Vintage Collection?

    Every collector is unique and has his or her own reasons for collecting. Hasbro's current main line, The Vintage Collection, uses the hardcore collector-focused classic Kenner look for its design and packaging, but not every hardcore collector is interested in the carded experience; conversely, some collectors only care about that carded experience; and still other collectors are interested only in getting one of every NEW figure no matter its packaging.

    Hasbro has put a lot of effort into focusing on that hardcore old-school collector experience for the main line, right down to reusing the coffin blister style of the original '70s Kenner figures rather than a newer, more dynamic blister packaging experience. The Vintage Collection has also raised its price a dollar over the other main figure lines from Hasbro Star Wars as a response to the lower number of casual consumer draw to the line - they have to charge more to make up for the lower sales potential of focusing TVC on hardcore collectors.

    Obviously a lot of collectors are going to have more than 1 reason, so we're asking what your PRIMARY reason for collecting the line is, what drives you more than anything else about the line?

    What figure purchasing experience are modern Star Wars collectors looking for these days with TVC? Once you voted, post and let us know more explaining your opinion.

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    Caveat: I voted for "Kenner classic-style carded" but I'm an opener. But I have to admit, seeing the old school packaging is great, with the higher quality articulation and accessories. The poll did say why I "primarily collect" some from this line.
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    the PRIMARY (and ONLY) reason I collect TVC is for the Kenner classic-style carded experience

    Since 2006, I had reduced myself to buying just 1 or 2 figures per year from each card release (Saga, OTC, Clone Wars, etc)...but with the Vintage figures available the last couple years, I find myself more interested in what's to come, while buying ~5 figures from each film (with the exception of the as-yet-unavailable TPM). I am still pretty selective when purchasing TVC, so while I do not buy all of them I do spend money on the line.

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    I'd buy the figures I want even if they were on My Little Pony packaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I'd buy the figures I want even if they were on My Little Pony packaging.
    Yeah, the only difference is, if they were on My Little Pony packaging you would become a carded collector.
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    They have them on My Little Pony packaging???? WHERE????
    Ex-wife to me in the toy aisle: "Why do I sense we've picked up another plastic lifeform?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by obi-dad View Post
    They have them on My Little Pony packaging???? WHERE????
    TRU exclusive.
    May the force be with you.

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    I voted for 1 carded and 1 opener, although thats only for new figures. If its a repack, then its only one for card. I'm a sucker for the vintage style look for the obvious reason, nostalgic appeal. I hate to admit it, but the entire line could be repacks and I'd probably end up buying every one.

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    Don't type such things online, as Hasbro owns that line. Could there be...?
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    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    I used to buy my figures to sniff them. That smell of new plastic. Later, I began eating them. It's all good with some ketchup, but I've enjoyed getting more extravagant and boiling them in water first, for that chewy affect when you squish their heads with your molars and bite down hard, so as to pull them off their plugs. This is an altogether different experience for me than it was back in the t-plug day. If you add salt to the water, not only will it increase the boiling temperature in your cooking pot, but it adds more flavor and texture to your action figures. Be sure to remove the softgoods clothing affects before trying to eat a figure as finger food. However, if you want to make a sandwich, the solar pannel wings from the v-wing work great - laying out your action figure in between them, and the softgoods (a cape perhaps?) lies in place like lettuce would on any normal, and uninspired, sandwich. You could add Terriyaki Sauce for a more exotic flavor.

    Meanwhile, I usually just buy the characters (like Bom Vimdim or "normally posed" Bariss Offee) that I need for my dioramas - typicaly ones never made before. Thus I like the completely obscure characters and hope for new Bail Organas and a Jocasta Nu and buy almost NO re-packed or re-done figures like Logray, Han Bespin, or Fordo.

    To each their own. I'm sticking around here waiting for Sgt. Doallyn and Padme in every on-screen outfit from AOTC and ROTS that they haven't produced yet. I barely ever buy vintage figures. Carded collecting is not my hobby, but I like to look.
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