Ok, that's it for this round. Thanks to everybody who participated, especially under such trying circumstances.

Here are the questions we're asking this round:

  • - We understand the need to anchor the Vintage line with core characters in order to preserve the longevity of the toy line, but what about at least changing up the cardback images to give the longtime collectors something to get excited about? For instance, we know we don't have to twist your arm very hard to get you to rerelease a Darth Vader figure; but would you consider repacking the current TVC figure on a Star Wars card or, even better, on a ROTJ card with a Sebastian Shaw 'Vader Unmasked' reference photo (the figure could be packed in the bubble with his helmet off)? We know you're doing this with the Luke Jedi figure, but that's more a case of expressing the right version of the character to match that figure; this would serve the dual purpose of keeping the core characters in circulation for the casual collectors while giving the hardcore collectors something else to look forward to. Package variations existed back in the original line with different backs, and under different movie lines, and a few even had different pictures, so there is classic justification for it.
  • - With themed waves going away, what will be the general method for planning new waves? It used to be a school of thought that said "1 army builder, 1 alien, 1 main character" et cetera, but that was when the choices for that wave were merely from a single movie scene rather than the entirety of Star Wars. What aspects will upcoming wave planning keep from the last 3 years, and what will change?

(2nd place was a 3-way tie. I ultimately chose the question with the best newsworthiness rather than the earliest one.)

Here's the link to the next round of voting: http://www.sirstevesguide.com/showth...ASBRO-round-90