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    Article: New Hasbro Star Wars Photos for May 2011

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    What's up in photo 36? Is that another battle pack? What kind of troopers are those with Vader and what is that platform he's standing on from?

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    that's 1 of the 2 new star tours/disney excl. sets for sw wknds.

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    Anyone seen Jedi Force yet? I'm sure those ships are rehabed GH ones.

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    I have yet to see the Jedi Force set yet. Do we know if they are going to be included with the other Star Wars toy displays like the GH sets are/were or will these be grouped with the "younger kid" toys?

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    I am sure that i saw someone with a Jedi Force Snowspeeder ... it has a different paint job than the GH version ...

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    I love the AT-RT. Now, if it only came with a realistic AT-RT pilot, I'd actualy think about buying it. I doubt I'll ever see the vintage collection version here. So, IF I even see this version of the AT-RT, I'll probably pass.

    Everything else is an easy pass for me. Most of it's clone wars, and with few exceptions I don't collect that line, or the little kids line. Won't be going to Disney World any time soon either, so the exclusive set is a pass for me as well, as I'm not about to consider paying inflated on line prices. The mask, and guns look terrible and I wouldn't want them anyway, and I'm not sure what's up with the lightsaber handles. That rules out a huge chunk of what's shown for me, anyway.

    I like the cheaper version of the force FX lightsabers, but again, I may have a tough time convincing myself to buy them. My daughter has wanted a lightsaber for some time though.


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