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    Article: Star Wars Blu-Ray Details

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I like the box art a lot...something really different this time instead of the usual cut-n-paste cheesy PS stuff this DVDs have featured....

    Sure is lots of extras...plenty of material to check out over time. Unfortunate that some of the online stuff from over the years wasn't featured, There was one in particular called "The Journey" around the time ROTS was released, that was pretty cool. Ah well, there's always the next release right? At least it looks like there will be plenty of "new" material to comb over and that's a good thing...

    But of course, the highlight of the set is the films. I'm hoping the encodes are a high a bit rate and as pristine as possible, all color-corrected and clean. And BR sound really is something when it's's hoping for a knockout release here...

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    I'm not sure on the box art yet. It's a definite departure, but it also doesn't automatically scream SW to me (and I guess the subtlety could be nice). It's a bridge between the six films, which is cool. The art itself is kind of odd, though, like some kind of watercolor painting.

    Looks like the audio commentaries are carried over from the DVDs, but the ones from archival interviews should be cool.

    I've seen a few of the documentaries listed there. It'll be nice to have them collected in one place, and I don't know how many stones they have left to unturn in the behind the scenes department, but some more all-new stuff would have been nice. Though I like that they didn't overlap with the DVDs, aside from the commentaries.

    I'm most interested in the deleted scenes. Too bad they didn't give many details on those.


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