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    What's this about a fee for autographs, JontheJedi? This the first I've heard of it.

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    If you've never been to a Convention, there are a lot of different ways autographs are offered.

    First, a convention might have certain rules, like all autographs are free - and they pay the actor for their time or whatever.

    Other things are possible:

    You can have anything signed for free.

    You can have only 1 thing signed per person (for free)

    You have to have only a certain kind of thing signed, like a Decipher product for example.

    You have to buy an official picture of the actor to have them sign it - such as a $10.00 photo showing Darth Vader that Dave Prowse then signs. It's how he makes his money, and he must be licensed by Lucasfilm and pay the convention an overhead for having a table.

    Autographs go to charity - you have to pay $15 per autograph and the money goes to a cause like Cancer Research, the September 11 Fund, or the American Heart Association. I belive it is then tax deductable. You might not get a receipt though.

    And some stars charge like Billy Dee Williams, $20 per autograph, anything you want signed (i.e. Lando figures, or he'll sell you Lando pictures on top of the autograph cost - or inclusive in it - that varies). This method is typical of the bigger stars like Williams, maybe Carrie Fisher, etc.

    Anything is possible, or combinations of the above. Some actors do not sign at all - like I wouldn't expect Mark Hamill to (if he even attends).

    Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) is probably the single nicest Star Wars star ever cast - and he'll talk to you and has always been real approachable. I regret I do not know his autograph policy, but he does not charge (if he signs). To me, (and I don't collect autographs), it was much more fascinating to get to take the time to really talk to him about the sets, the Millennium Falcon (a favorite topic of mine) etc., than to ever ask about an autograph. But you can also ask Mr. Daniels about his fellow co-stars and he'll know pretty much everything that's going on in and about the whole show, as he helps put it on. In Denver, Mr. Daniels was one of the few really competant people putting it on!

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    I didn't mean to sound dumb or naive about my last post but I do know some actors charge fees for autographs. I meant that in the sense, like someone else noted, that it would be an additional charge like to see the orchestra or some other special event in the works.

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    Oh, you didn't sound bad at all. I thought my post might help, either you or others who won't know what to expect at a convention, that's all. A lot of people couldn't afford to go to Denver or Comic Con. I'm still not sure I can do Indianapolis. So this is more only a matter of experience. -Tycho

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    I appreciate that. But I thought this "autograph charge" was one more way for the Fan Club to milk/bilk/steal some more of our hard earned money. The concert sounds fun and I might go to it.

    I did go to Denver and the one regret I have was not going to the Jar Jar Jam!

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    Red face celebration II...autograph fee

    Just F.Y.I....that bit about the fee for autographs came from no les than Evidently, they're doing coupon books or some such coupon = one autograph, etc. I just had to chime in also about how classy and super-nice Anthony Daniels is. The customer rep in our hotel did some loud screaming about the conditions at Celebration I in Denver. They moved my son & wife into the KFC tent, which was heated. They were genuinely worried & concerned about alot of the toddlers & babies getting pneumonia or worse. I repeatedly saw Mr. Daniels working up and down the crowd trying to diffuse a hostile mood. Later, I ran into him on his way to MC an event. He took about 5 minutes to talk to me(I didn't trouble him for an autograph), and he was extremely gratious with is time. He tried to make the most out of a bad situation. Hope they do have alot of EP 2 actots. Most would have to come from Down Under, though.

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    Regarding the autographs, I envisioned like a $25 fee/cover charge to get into a room where the celebrities are sitting. I won't mind paying an individual $10 for a autograph (and I have in the past), but c'mon, there has to be a couple of extra perks for the fan club pass!

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    Fan Club "Special Access"

    The whole bit about Fan Club members getting early access to stores and autographs doesn't sound terribly special to me. 75% of everyone that will be there will have Fan Club memberships. So, if, say 2,000 people go, 1,500 will be in line "one hour early".

    Where's the advantage of that?

    But, I'll be there in line with everyone else Friday and Saturday...

    Yippee, ki-yay!

    "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets, then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again." -- A Marin County newspaper TV listing for "The Wizard of Oz"

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    The fan club's just trying to make us feel 'special.'

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    What is the spacial fan club lanyard for? It sounds to me like there is nothing special about it anyway. When I first bought my two passes from the fan club the day they were availible, they said that they can only send one lanyard even though I purchased two passes. And as far as paying for autographs, concerts, and what ever else and everything else- it's Star Wars so I was expecting it anyway even though I think they should consider that people are paying $75 a pass,hotel,and airfair. So far I've saved up about $2,000 for the convention,(thanks to my income tax check) and with them charging for every little thing, I think it's still not enough or at least I'll be coming home broke. I can't wait till it's done and over with.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!


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