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    Will you be going to the Star Wars Celebration II?

    Will you be going to the Star Wars Celebration II?

    Let's talk about it here!
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    I wish I could say "still unsure", but between not being able to afford it, the city being not interesting to me, the previous one being such a debacle, and this one being run by Hasbro (I mean, if it had been FANtastic media again, I would think they MIGHT have been able to learn from their previous mistakes, but this is now being handled by a totally new organization who has no previous experience with something like this), I'm definitely in the "no show" category.
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    I'll be there... covering the show and taking a lot of Star Wars in!
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    I wish I could go. I want a Celebration II Figure. Maybe you'll give me one for free SirSteve.

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    I wanted to go and planned to go, but money seems to be an issue. I don't get paid for time off work, so I'm S.O.L.
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    Smile Yes, I'm going!!!

    I'll be leaving from here in North Dakota on May 1st. We all went to the E1 Celebration in Denver. Boy, what a mud pit! Rained the who time we were there. But, we had a blast! Anyway, picking up my bro Rick and our cousin at the Indianapolis airport the next day. We're going for the Friday and Saturday openings. Received my passes with Fan Club lanyard about 2 weeks ago. Get to go into the store and other venues 1 hour early than non-Fan Club members. Hopefully going to get as many of the E2 Celebration exclusive figures as I'm able to. Also, will be trying to get as many autographs as possible in those 2 days as well. So, for those of you out there who are going, maybe we'll see you there. For those not going, start saving up for Celebration 3.

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    I'd go just to see what it's like, but I'm suspicious that it's going to be a zoo. I can just see hundreds (or thousands) of thirty-fourtysomethings pushing through a crowd just to get a glimpse of the guy who was the puppeteer for Jabba's tonque in ROTJ or the cleaning woman who unclogged the toilet in Natalie Portman's trailer when they were shooting in Spain.

    There's no way I'd fork out the bucks for the planefare, the hotel, and the tix. Maybe if SSG wants to pony up I'll go as a guest correspondent...
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    Miss SWC2? You must be Kidding?

    I'll be there in Stormtrooper armor with the 501st and you may just see me checking badges at the door as the 501st has worked a deal with Wizards of the Coast and Lucasfilms to do volunteer work at the show! Granted there will be a load of troopers at the show, but if you run into any that answer to the name Caysey (me), don't be shy! See you there, it should be a blast!

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    I've gone from being unable to afford it, to being offered almost a promotion in my field (though it's actually a different job in the same department). My guess is that I better stay and put in to this new job I wanted so badly. The catch-22 being, now I may have the money, but not the time.

    If life allows it, I have the desire, so I will show up there. It will be a last minute thing for me though, so I'll be staying in some hotel, the next town over.

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    'Dagobah' is a better name for those of us who survived Denver.

    Just counting down the days!


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