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    I'm glad there's another B-Wing coming, but it'll be too expensive at K-Mart will price it. Previous releases of the B can be picked up on Ebay for cheaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Metalmute View Post
    K-Mart exists for the sole purpose of employment of the uneducated and incompetent.
    And the occasional illegal alien or two.

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    K-Mart does occasionally have ridiculous and unannounced sales. I suspect that at $60 it will last on the shelves until such a sale presents itself. With KM getting a Vintage B-Wing, TRU getting the new Vintage Y-Wing along with last year's AT-AT, and Target getting Vintage vehicles last fall, will Walmart end up with a Vintage vehicle also? If so, what would we like to see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    will Walmart end up with a Vintage vehicle also? If so, what would we like to see?
    An A-Wing in an ROTJ box.
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    The most likely options I would guess are:

    - Vader's TIE (though it's really kind of a boring package)
    - AT-ST (maybe a rerelease of the Target Hoth version, alone, in an ESB box? or the previous Wal-Mart one in a ROTJ box)
    - TIE Interceptor (shouldn't that really be a regular release in the $25 ship line by now anyway?)
    - Slave 1 (repaint of the UBP CW Slave 1, I'd guess that would be pricy though)
    - Speederbike (what a great way to release a brand new, perfect, sculpt of it)

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    An A-Wing in an ROTJ box.
    Or yeah, that'd be good. I forgot they usually carry the exclusives of that anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    An A-Wing in an ROTJ box.
    Makes sense to me. That will only leave the X of the Wings to be done in Vintage. I wonder if Hasbro would double dip on the BMF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Why is K-Mart still around?
    Not sure, but if it wasn't for K-Mart I wouldn't have found the whole slave Leia wave in the build-a-driod line or a Gamorrean guard. Luckily I caught them on "sale" each time and didn't pay more than a dollar over normal retail per figure.

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    Does anyone know about when this b-wing will be released? I guess we might find out at SDCC.
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    My local Kmart had a floor tag and an empty spot on the shelf. I asked if they had anymore and the computer said they had 2 on hand but couldn't find them. I guess I'll check back in a few days but if these are only 2 per case (and I assume that most Kmarts won't get more than a couple cases) even at $40 they may be tough to find in some areas.
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    K-mart is still around due to them being owend by Sears. Sears still makes large amounts of Money from the Store chain in smaller markets. Crazy but If you go down south, K-marts are kind of nice. Now if your in Cali. K-marts are ghetto, Walmarts are ghetto. But if you go south even Walmart is really nice. Granted you have to take a Shower before you go to Target.


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