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Thread: New Tauntaun

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    The trooper is a straight repack of the trooper from the Target Hoth UBP from last year (?) and also from the Rebel 3-pack that was out a few months ago.

    Additionally, I don't see it going to clearance as easily as you say. It's been sold out at every location I've visited since I picked mine up.
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    Maybe I'm wrong about the clearance aisle, but having both on the shelf at once still doesn't make much sense to me from a marketing perspective. Then again, most of the commercials I've seen these days don't make sense. All I know is that I haven't had to go looking for either item, the only Target I went to had plenty of both.

    Too bad the trooper can't ride the tauntaun, that would have made this the best (non-ultimate) battlepack ever to hit the shelf.

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    I agree. I guess they figured that they wanted to do as little work as possible. Honestly, I foresee a new Han with his hood up coming down the pike and also a new tauntaun with an "open belly" feature in the future. I previously posted that there is an oval-shaped plug on the belly of both beasts that seem to indicate that one was intended or abandoned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    I previously posted that there is an oval-shaped plug on the belly of both beasts that seem to indicate that one was intended or abandoned.
    Yeah, that one kind of baffled me. I mean, the body is a completely new sculpt so it's not like they're filling in a hole from the other mold. I also wondered if it might have to do with attaching the limbs but I just don't think that is the case. It looks like a feature that was abandoned and might be incorporated into a later rerelease? I'd be a little disappointed if that is the case since I bought two of the battle packs and one of the vintage boxed ones but it's kind of a key tauntaun feature so I'd probably get a fourth.

    Also pretty bummed that the trooper in the Search for Luke battle pack is a rerelease without ball jointed hips. I was totally looking forward to mounting up a few Hoth troopers but at this point only Han can ride, which seems to really limit play-ability.
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    While trying to determine if the trooper could also ride the tauntaun, I found a video on YouTube of a guy reviewing the battle pack. While it did nothing to answer my questions about the trooper, he had used an xacto blade to pry off the plug on the critter's belly. The cavity looked like it might be related to a possible forthcoming/scrapped split-belly feature but there wasn't room for an ewok to fit in there.

    Here's the video in case anyone is interested but doesn't want to destroy the tauntaun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morpheus282 View Post
    Here's the video in case anyone is interested but doesn't want to destroy the tauntaun.
    Thanks for that!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    Thanks for that!!
    One is glad to be of service.

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    I kept the tauntaun guts from the one that came out in that TRU battlepack from a few years back (they were repurposed Acklay guts) and I think I might need to open him up and stick them in there. I'm almost positive that it can be done without completely destroying the beast.
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    I found one in the 30% off toy section at Target the other day. Haven't opened it up yet (well, I did in the store just to make sure it was all there). Might not, actually.
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    I just picked up both the Battle Pack and the Vintage box versions for $7.48 a piece at Target, they were the only ones there though. I haven't opened the Vintage one yet, opting for the more interesting BP set first.

    I'm glad to have the Hoth Trooper variant, it's a good figure, although the cloth skirt is on sideways and it's going to be more difficult than most to move it around because of the separate holster attached to the leg.

    Han is a lesson in frustrating Hasbro, the skirt is too short but that's not my complaint, it's that they used the hood-down head despite Han NEVER riding the Tauntaun with the hood down, and that helmet they included with Han has never fit thanks to the outfit design. I could even forgive the blue coloring of the coat in this set if they had included a blue hood-up head as well, but I only own a brown hood-up head (is there a blue version at all? I don't know, I think maybe with a BP but I don't own one) and no other Han will be able to ride this Tauntaun thanks to the wide body with no give at the midsection. Very frustrating! (They also included the ANH blaster with his ESB holster again, that's getting really annoying.) The only other thing I'd call out with Han is that the paint doesn't have any snow or weathering, which I think for a battle pack is the wrong way to go since it's making a comment on a specific scene.

    The Tauntaun itself is pretty good, at first it didn't feel light-years better than the '90s version, partly due to the slightly-preposed feet (the left leg and foot are in a different stride from the right, which makes it difficult to pose just standing until you use the hip joints' second range of motion). But the sculpt has more accuracy, the size is better, the weight feels better, and once you get working with the ankle and hip joints there is more range of pose at your command. The arm joints are wrong though, this is the one area they blew it, the joints are set like a T-rex near the front of the chest, while in the movie the shoulders are actually up near the back by the neck, which makes the arms way too long. Also, the head joint isn't well thought out, it can rear way back but cannot dip below horizontal to look down at all, and without a joint at the base of the neck, you're pretty much stuck with what you got - left, right, up, but no down. The snow lizard's missing joints at the elbows and multiple knees, as well as the tail and the aforementioned base of the neck, it makes me wonder why they went so far with a new design and didn't take it all the way. It does however have good range of motion with hips that can splay outwards on a huge joint, as well as ball-hinged ankles and shoulders and head. The sculpt has thicker legs than the old one with more definition, there's also a dewclaw I didn't remember from the movie - turns out it's on the stop-motion model although not quite as pronounced as Hasbro's take. Paint includes all the claws, the eyes, the tongue, the barely-noticeable bit, all the nostrils, the main body going from light to dark (although the head doesn't get that treatment, a little frustrating), and a lot of nice work on the saddle as well as the sculpted harness elements; the only paint I feel is missing is a snowy cover. As you guys are probably already aware, there's a non-removable panel at the stomach which hints at a gutted Tauntaun premise that ultimately seems to have been cut from the final version, so Han's tauntaun is a lesson in "what could have been". On its own however, the set looks right once you get Han's feet into the stirrups and get the Tauntaun standing in a pose of your choice.

    The original pricepoint seems to make more sense once you already own it, but I do think that alternate Han head, and the inclusion of Han's scanner and maybe some electrobinoculars would have gotten me to part with that $25 when it first came out instead of passing altogether and getting lucky at clearance.
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