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    Han is a lesson in frustrating Hasbro, the skirt is too short but that's not my complaint, it's that they used the hood-down head despite Han NEVER riding the Tauntaun with the hood down, and that helmet they included with Han has never fit thanks to the outfit design. I could even forgive the blue coloring of the coat in this set if they had included a blue hood-up head as well, but I only own a brown hood-up head (is there a blue version at all? I don't know, I think maybe with a BP but I don't own one) and no other Han will be able to ride this Tauntaun thanks to the wide body with no give at the midsection. Very frustrating! (They also included the ANH blaster with his ESB holster again, that's getting really annoying.) The only other thing I'd call out with Han is that the paint doesn't have any snow or weathering, which I think for a battle pack is the wrong way to go since it's making a comment on a specific scene.
    Han actually mounts the Tauntaun with his hood down, in the "Then I'll see you in hell!" exchange that this pack is supposed to recreate. There are hood-up and hood-down versions of both brown and blue, so you could technically replace this one's head with a hood-up sculpt if you want, though none of the colors really match up completely. The blue hood-up version came with R-3PO in the first round of Walmart exclusive Droid Factory packs (the C-3PX series) back in 2008, though the 2009 Hoth Recon Patrol Battle Pack version was molded in brown and dusted with blue paint, which is the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
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    "Then I'll see you in hell" scene, yes, you're right, we see him get up on the Tauntaun in very close-up view, although he's not wearing his helmet in that scene (the cloth helmet is tucked into his belt near the back, and the goggles I don't see at all in the film at that point). It's a pretty odd thing to call to. Anyway, there are no good color matches for this figure, and doing a boil-n-pop on the waist is going to prove difficult due to the cloth skirt.

    I opened up Vintage Luke's Tauntaun yesterday, it's an oddity, just too much box for the product you get -- maybe if they had included some figure accessories at least (binocs, scanner) it might not feel like so much nothing. The sculpt is identical aside from the broken left horn, but the paint is different. There's more overtones on the Vint version, and no fade front to back like the BP version has. There's also more browns at the hands and knees, the head has some extra coloring, the mouth has painted gums and teeth but oddly the bit sculpted inside the mouth is unpainted, and the saddle is painted in different colors especially at the sleeping-bag-like gear at the back. The arms, legs, tail, feet, and head being the same pose does make it a little difficult to feel unique, and the paint work isn't so different that it warrants such a high pricetag, but I think this Tauntaun's biggest problem is that there's no Luke that can ride it. The box is fun, but without an extra gimmick, there's too many panels showing off nothing, the only call-outs are the removable reins and harness, I haven't removed the harness yet because I always have trouble with small plastic straps like that, I did remove the reins from the mouth but I wouldn't recommend it as they're connected via TINY ball joints that look sure to fail at the drop of a hat.

    Even if Target had offered this at the intended $15 instead of $25, I think I would have passed on it, there's just not enough product in the box and not enough gimmick (the belly-slit gimmick should be on Han's tauntaun, but ANY tauntaun would have been better than nothing). The BP was worth the $25 because it's a new Tauntaun and it's 2 special figures, where the Vintage offers just a new Tauntaun and not significantly different at that. But at $7.48 each, I'm glad I have both.
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    Rats! 3 weeks later, the right ankle joint is now not tight enough to stand anywhere but on its ratchet points, which caused it to fall over and take a 4-footer. Luckily Hasbro knows how to make products stay together, so I just had to find a new pose where the ankle would hold more firmly (it's a tricky one, the joint is still tight enough to look like it'll hold, but under its full weight it goes just mushy enough to lose the pose after a second). This is one of the drawbacks of using friction points inside these joints, they hold ok at their specific indentations but after some time under the weight of the figure they lose it outside of those indents.

    Annoyingly, the Tauntaun AND Han are both really fiddly finding the perfect pose with their legs, the stirrups don't like any pose Han takes too well, and the Tauntaun doesn't look like he's standing still at almost any angle.

    Here's a photo I took 10 seconds before the Tauntaun fell off the mantle:
    (pardon the harsh flash bringing out maximum contrasts between the body paint and arms, it's not really this severe, I was just playing around with my new camera and didn't set the shot up at all.)
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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