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Thread: New Tauntaun

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    New Tauntaun

    As revealed in the forums, there's a new Tauntaun coming. Based on Luke's steed, it appears to have ball-jointed "shoulders" and ankles, standard articulation at the head and legs, and a removable harness. Hopefully it will come with a Hoth Luke that can actually ride it!

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    Nice! Looks like they skipped the silly action feature this time around, so a re-release as Han's tauntaun would be a possibility.
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    This is terrific! I really feel like the creatures are part of what make Star Wars so special and have been getting the long end of the shaft for years now (with the exception of the recent Dewback). My only gripe is the mouth being sculpted so wide open like it's trying to catch snowflakes on its tongue as it runs. Otherwise, the added articulation makes this a great piece. I'm gonna have to get a couple of these!
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    Nice find. Very cool. Looks like they intend to reuse it as Han's because the left horn (the broken one) is shot on a different mold than the rest of this test shot.
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    It looks beautiful!! I can't wait!!!
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    I'm glad this has finally been redone, but it would have been more in line with what Hasbro released last year, given that they were in a decidedly and thankfully Hoth-centric mood.

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    They should include in the box a different left horn so you can buy two of them and make one Lukes and the other one Han's. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_nav View Post
    They should include in the box a different left horn so you can buy two of them and make one Lukes and the other one Han's. Just a thought.
    The fact that the left horn is cast in a different plastic than the rest of the head means this is a possibility, though I bet they'll just re-release it with the full horn at some later time instead (as you'd need to buy two to have the complete set anyway).

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    Okie dokie!!

    I picked up these babies the other day. I was fortunate in that, while I can never find figures at retail, I can usually find ships and things. Well, I scored both Luke Skywalker's Tauntaun (in Vintage packaging) and The Search for Luke Skywalker with Han's tauntaun. These are VERY nice beasties and I didn't mind paying a little more for the Vintage packaging 'cos I was able to just get it. Be careful with the saddles; the right stirrup on Han's mount snapped off of the first one that I got. CHEAP!!! The paint schemes differ on them and Luke's has the appropriate broken horn. I wish that the Luke was out now to go with the tauntaun, but I guess I will have to wait. The Han figure sits atop his ride quite well. I'm just sad that it's the hood down version of Han. What's up with that bright orange fur on his collar???

    A detail I noted on both tauntauns was an ovular punch out on the belly. I wonder if this was intended for an "open belly" feature that was abandoned at some point in the development of the toy.
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    I really have to wonder about Hasbro's logic here. They release two tauntauns at the same time, one is some pretty nice looking yet completely solid vintage packaging, and the other in a window box allowing you to see nearly every detail of the critter along with two figures which would each retail for ~$9. Then they price them both at $25. I'd almost bet on Luke's tauntaun hitting the clearance shelves well before Christmas.

    Does anyone know if the rebel trooper in the battle pack can ride the tauntaun, or does he have the standard swivel hips?


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