I don't know if this topic has been put anywhere else so i decided to start it here. I found all three packs on Friday. I picked up the Rebel three pack that includes 2-1B Which looks like a repack from the old one but I don't remember its waist being articulated. The Leia figure is decent. The Rebel Commander is a good figure, and the reason I got this set. It has a clean shaven face and the hat and scarf can be removed. The dude kind of looks like President G.W. Bush. I also picked up the Villians pack that has a Stormtrooper that does not have a removable helmet. Yay! But he does have the slot in his back for a backpack so it's probably a sandtrooper body. A Vader who's two piece helmet falls off if you look at it wrong. and the Death Squad Trooper (the reason I got this pack). I don't know if I got a defective one, but his right foot sucks and is bent badly. I left the Heroes pack because I didn't want yet another X-Wing pilot Luke. I've bought two in the last year already.