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    Target Exclusive Three-packs

    I don't know if this topic has been put anywhere else so i decided to start it here. I found all three packs on Friday. I picked up the Rebel three pack that includes 2-1B Which looks like a repack from the old one but I don't remember its waist being articulated. The Leia figure is decent. The Rebel Commander is a good figure, and the reason I got this set. It has a clean shaven face and the hat and scarf can be removed. The dude kind of looks like President G.W. Bush. I also picked up the Villians pack that has a Stormtrooper that does not have a removable helmet. Yay! But he does have the slot in his back for a backpack so it's probably a sandtrooper body. A Vader who's two piece helmet falls off if you look at it wrong. and the Death Squad Trooper (the reason I got this pack). I don't know if I got a defective one, but his right foot sucks and is bent badly. I left the Heroes pack because I didn't want yet another X-Wing pilot Luke. I've bought two in the last year already.

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    These are warming the shelves at all my Targets (the only new SW item they've received in months). For $20 a piece, I'll pass. But they'll hit clearance and I'll get em then.
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    I don't remember the 2-1B having an articulated waist, but I'd have to check. He was a cool POTF2 figure nonetheless. I've seen the other ones, but I haven't seen that pack at Target yet. The only one I really want as it has the TVC Leia I presume?, which I missed earlier and now can't find as they've disappeared from retail. The Rebel (Bush hah!) Commander is an added bonus.

    I can pass on the other ones.
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    If I was starting to collect SW figs, these would be great. But as I have over 1000 different figures bought over the years, I've seen these before, minus minor "changes." If there was one new figure (with significant changes or a never-before-produced one), I'd consider it. The closest I came to buying one was the one with the Rebel Hoth Trooper.
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    I bought the one with the Rebel trooper since I didn't get him in one of the UBPs that Target had last year.
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    as the resident Deuce-ologist I must say that the original POTF II 2-1B totally has an "articulated" waist- oddly enough it took me almost 10 years to actually notice, but one day when I was playing especially hard with the POTF II Deuce it became clear that the figure was even more awesome than I could have dared hope
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    I got the set with a Deuce. I should've waited for clearance. But I didn't get the Hoth set last year and even full price on this baby was a better price than that. Plus, the duplicate figures are one my daughter wants and one I can always use extras of. Every scene needs plenty of 2-1B action! I might paint this one gold, or something.

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    I'd say, put a or a on his dome. Or both.
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    Three more sets surfaced today - Imperial Set (Imperial Commander, Dengar, AT-AT Driver), Android Set (C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca), and Imperial Forces (Bossk, Snowtrooper, IG-88). As with the current ones, I wouldn't mind getting them on clearance, but the lack of newness means I won't be needing any to open. The "Imperial Commander" is Captain Needa, and for whatever reason Dengar doesn't seem to have his codpiece. Thanks to those two figures, I'm betting that set will do even worse than the rest of these packs. R2-D2 looks to be the R4-G9 mold, but without sand on his feet, so I might actually think about getting that one (I think a similar figure is coming in the Blu-ray sets; paying a lot and getting figures I already have doesn't seem that appealing just for a tiny paint variation, but I can always use more Threepios and Chewies, so we'll see). The Android Set and Imperial Forces pack have choices that might appeal to kids and casual collectors, but who knows for sure.
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    I only want the Bossk/IG-88/Snowtrooper set. That's the one set that I have been waiting for ever since they brought this concept back. I've bought each of those three figures several times already since 2007, but I just want the set for the package.
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