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    Next BMF style vehicle

    Okay guys, I've seen this a couple of times now:

    "According to the report, this updated BMF-style vehicle will double as a playset and will include lights, sounds, weapon racks, cargo areas, opening cockpits, troop holders!

    Best of all, it's said this will be a vehicle from the Original to guess what it might be?"

    Seriously, what can this be? What big vehicle, that is doable, could this be? We haven't gotten a Sail Barge at all, would this be it? Jawa Sandcrawler? Can't see this needing a gun rack and troops though. So what could this be? A playset as well, it said... hmmmm. Help!
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    I assume the playset aspect is similar to the other big vehicles they've done, like the Falcon, AT-AT, and Turbo Tank, which all have playset-like environments and features. The upcoming Republic Attack Shuttle takes the playset thing to a new level, so it could also be something like that. Maybe it will be an updated Imperial shuttle? I could also see them doing the ANH Special Edition shuttle in a similar way to the Republic Attack Shuttle, but they said it's updated, so I'm just assuming it's been done before. I'm really not sure what it could be.
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    I figure there are two options. Either the, most likely, Imperial Shuttle, or maybe the Rebel Transport? I'd be very surprised at the latter and the Imperial Shuttle would make sense due to, as JabbaJohn said, their recent work on the Republic Shuttle.

    I can't imagine it'd be the Sandcrawler considering the "weapon racks" and "troop holders." Unless the Jawas have some sort of special forces.
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    For some reason that description made me think of a Star Destroyer or the Rebel Blockade Runner. Both are iconic OT vehicles that have troop interaction though the Star Destroyer has less action take place aboard it so it is less appealing as a playset vehicle.
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    I assume it's some stupid assed random vehicle that was seen for about 2.459 seconds so they'll make an awesome vehicle out of it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    I assume it's some stupid assed random vehicle that was seen for about 2.459 seconds so they'll make an awesome vehicle out of it!!!
    Yes, but which one!?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it was, but I can't see them redoing the Imperial Shuttle. If they didn't say updated, I would have guessed Imperial Landing Craft. My initial guess would be Boba Fett's Slave 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post
    I can't imagine it'd be the Sandcrawler considering the "weapon racks" and "troop holders." Unless the Jawas have some sort of special forces.
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    Been gone for a is good to be back!

    Since they say "updated" I once again am dissapointed that it won't be the Sail Barge. I figured that since we got Vizam with his otherwise useless rail gun, a Sail Barge might be on the horizon, dispite Hasbro's repeated explanations why we won't get the barge. I am not sure why soft plastic pieces that connect together would not work, while keeping the price low and the package relatively small. Essentially, it is a 5 "part" vehicle: two canopies, two side fins, and the main piece. It's dimensions/coloring/detail are not so odd as to make the connected piece idea unworkable. Granted, assembly could take a little time, but nothing horrific. If the interior were left realtively hallow with 2 or 3 support pillars to hold the top deck from the bottom floor, it should be sustainable. The final, assembled size would be monsterous, but that is the nature of this awesome beast. It could be downsized slightly without most the wiser. Anywhoo, just venting my thoughts.

    I am going to guess Death Star playset? However, the cockpit aspect does not work there. The big vehciles have a definite action orientation to I am not guessing the Sandcrawler. While Tatooine is the most visited and important "backwater" planet in the Galaxy...I don't think it (Sandcrawler) has been featured prominetly enough in the Clone Wars for Hasbro to risk a noncollector rejection.

    I could picture the Tantive VI working. It has popped up enough in the prequels and Clone Wars to have cross generational appeal.

    I don't picture the medium transport appealing to kids.

    Slave One would work, but I don't know why it would need room for "troops".

    The Imperial Shuttle would be such a cheat, we got one a few years ago, we don't need another, IMO.
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    I think the vintage Shuttle is about as good of a toy as that vehicle is ever going to get. Maybe they could upgrade the vintage mold with more features in the interior and better landing gear; but I don't think making it any bigger would improve it much (it was already the tallest vintage vehicle as it is).

    I don't see them making yet another Slave 1 so soon after making the new mold just last year.

    So that just leaves the Sandcrawler, Rebel Transport or Darth Vader's Star Destroyer, if we are talking about vintage updates. Honestly, none of those would be "must buys" for me. The Sandcrawler is really the only one that I would consider.
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