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    Thumbs up BoShek, Teebo, FX-7 and more...

    I found all of these at the KB Toy store located in the Lehigh Valley mall tonight. Here is what they had around 8:00pm--

    2 Rebel Troopers
    2 Imperial Officers
    1 FX-7
    2 Queen Amidala (Decoy)
    3 BoShek
    3 Teebo
    4 R4-M9
    (pegwarmers-Lando wave, Bespin Guard, etc.)
    only problem was the $7.99 pricetag and the fact that some jerk had "basically destroyed" the cards on each of the Teebo Wave. The cards all had the exact same fold that ran the length of the card, incredible that someone took the time to do this. I'm not a "carded collector", but if I was, I would be ticked. I think this wave is going to be limited anyway, and to find them in such shape really stinks.
    Anyway, Nium and other LV collectors, if you don't mind a "bent" card, KB has the Teebo wave! I ran over to TRU also, and not much there, pegwarmers and 1 of Zam Wessell and the R3 there. Hope this helps somebody out there.

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    Wal-Mart Sale

    309, Quakertown

    Looks like POTJ is finally going on sale. The price has finally dropped to $5.88.

    Little Yoda,

    Thanks for the tip off for KB toys in the mall I was able to pick up

    Rebel Trooper

    The others you had mentioned were already gone, I had stopped by the day after your last post. I was just by there yesterday (Mon. 4/1/02) and the only thing they have now are AOTC preview figs along with a bunch of the Jedi Starfighter $21.99 (I'm pretty sure it was $21.99 it may have been a little more) a few dollars more then I'd seen them at Wal-Mart.

    TRU (Grape Street) had nothing new; do they ever?
    Life is only a dream and we are just the imagination of ourselfs

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    Not Authorized For Sale...

    309, Quakertown

    Found six brand spanking new AOTC figures on the pegs for $5.88

    Battle Droid (Arena Battle)
    Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
    Captain Typho (Padme's Head of Security)
    Plo Kloon (Arena Battle)
    Shaak Ti (Jedi Master)
    Tusken Raider (Female with Child Tusken)

    All had background scenes and I especially liked Shaak Ti the only problem is that Wal-Mart wouldn't sell any of them to me. At the register the only thing that would come up when the figures were scanned was "Not Authorized For Sale...". Bluntly I stated to the clerk if the item is on the floor it is for sale, then I told the same thing to the Assistant Manager and Customer Service Manager. They told me at first they couldn't sell the items to me because there had been a recall on the figures (something about a choking hazard LOL) and that they had just received an e-mail stating the recall. I demanded to see the e-mail describing the recall . The 2 managers filed into a side room and rather sheepishly came back out and let me know the figures hadn't been recalled but they were set out by mistake and they wouldn't sell them to me until their release date of April 23. I asked them to hold the figures till then for me or let me put them on layaway to purchase on the 23rd. Their reply was that they could neither hold them or allow me to put them on layaway (no layaway because then they'd be selling them to me) but that I was "more then welcome to come back on the 23rd and purchase them" heck they said I could even come in, first thing, when the store opened in the morning; how terribly kind of them, No?

    I'm not much into threatening retail employees with the whole "I shop here all the time" or "I spend thousands of dollars here" nonesense, but I did express my dismay at their lack of anything resembling concern about providing satisfactory customer service. I have the District Managers name along with the Overall Manager of the store's name and Corporate is gonna get sick of hearing about this come Monday

    Isn't the rule if it's on the floor it's for sale? I always thought so!
    Life is only a dream and we are just the imagination of ourselfs

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    Hello fellow PA collectors! I am new here.

    I just posted a thread about how I can't find any wave past the Bespin Guard wave.

    I am hoping to expand my search a little when I graduate in about a month; I plan on going to New Jersey to visit my Aunt and Uncle and a ton of Wal Marts and Toys R Us stores are on the way (Windgap, Phillipsburg, Somerville, Atlantic City).

    State College, Bloomsburg, Wilkes-Barre and Altoona has had nothing (my four areas I look). Well, the AOTC preview figures are out but I mean the last waves of the POTJ figures.

    It is so hard to wait when almost everyone else has Zutton, Koth, my namesake, etc.

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    State College. PA - KayBee - Commtech chip figs

    okay, that isn't news. I just wanted to post to say hello to Little Yoda & BoShek, who mentioned the Altoona & State College Wal Marts. Do you live near Altoona/State College? I'm in Bellefonte.
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    Hey, I live in the Altoona/ State College area. Has anybody seen anything in State College at the Nittany Mall or the two Wal-Marts. ( EP2 Merchandise)
    What happened to the paint job?

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    I plan on going to State College and Altoona today to check all three of the Wal-Marts. I haven't had any luck finding EP2 merchandise in Altoona, but I haven't really been checking in State College. If anybody finds anything EP2, let me know.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    Yep, I live in State College and go to Penn State.

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    I saw the new droid from EP 2 at Ames in State College. They must of had the four preview figures set. This was last Monday. I am not sure if they have more or none now.

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    hey BoShek & subMerge! nice to meet you. my son was at his grandparents house this weekend, and brought home sneak preview edition figures of zam wessel and r3. i'm pretty sure they got them at wal mart in montoursville.

    i really like the red blast effect tips that can attach to the pistol or whatever that stick is that comes with zam. i don't collect figures, but do collect Action Fleet ships. i'd LOVE to have a bunch of those blast effect tips to put on the ends of the laser cannons on the x-wings (and ALL the ships).

    anyway, again, it's great to find people so nearby on this forum. maybe we should have a tailgate or something this summer?
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"


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