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    Went to Altoona yesterday.

    Wal-Mart- nothing but POTJ ( sandrooper wave, boomer droid wave, general leia wave, ect.) * Alot of General Leia

    Toys r us- Three pegs full of Sneak Preview figures ( at leats 5 or 6 of each)

    K-Mart- old POTJ, first deluxe wave

    Target- old POTJ ( lando), and a few preview ( didin't have time to see who)

    Family Toy Warehouse- old POTJ (luke x-wing wave, sabe wave)

    SunCoast- Aurra Sing wave, and luke x-wing wave

    EB- Deluxe wave 1, old POTJ ( Aurra Sing, and a few other ( can't remeber!) )

    Kay-Bee- Zam Wesell and R3-T7 preview figures+ Sabe POTJ wave
    What happened to the paint job?

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    Talking Deluxe Amanaman and Princess Leia

    Nium, and fellow Lehigh Valley Collectors, the Ames on Union Blvd. in Bethlehem (behind the KFC) has both the Amanaman and Princess Leia (Sail Barge) figures for $3.94 each. I was surprised to find these at Ames and at this price. I almost bought each of these at Target for $15.99 awhile back, now I'm glad I waited. Anyway, there must have been 12-15 of each figure! I hope this helps you out.

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    Thanks for the Altoona report. I was dying to go there to see if they have the figures I need (post Bespin G wave) but I guess they don't have them either! That saved me a trip.

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    Does anybody have reports on State College? On the two Wal-Marts, K-Mart, Kay-Bee, or Target?
    It could really save me a trip, but it's only a half-hour anyway.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    subM, sorry, I haven't been to the SC stores in about a week. if you haven't gone yet, I'll probably be checking in a few days. I know that is a long time to wait when everyone is posting about new finds lately. i don't get to Altoona very often, maybe a couple times a year. i used to go more, to look for action fleet at TRU (and Target, before we got one here), but TRU was almost always picked-over for the best things. i did get a classic duels set there once, though. the Mill-Fal/TIE Int. set.
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    Don't waste your time going to State College yet. I was to the Benner Pike Wal Mart and Lando and Jar Jar were waiting for someone to buy their sorry butts. As for the rest of the stores, Target has some on sale but they are all the older ones. It has been a while since I was to Ames so they might have some Preview Figures there.

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    Got Padme in the mail today. To those of you who don't have her yet, she looks great.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    Bad news. I opened Padme and her leg wasn't attached to the body. It was broken off. I had to super glue it back on.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    Anyone see Episode 2 merchandise at K-Mart?
    I'm hearing reports of Deluxe figures. I'm gonna try to go to Altoona Sunday for a sweep of all the stores.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    Check out my post in this thread. This is what I found in Reading, PA on Route 222.
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