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    best of luck to you in your career (or grad school) BoShek! what's your major?

    Added at 11:57 PM 4/26: If anyone cares, I hid a baby Boba Fett w/jet pack figure behind two other figures on the center peg at the far left end of the big EP2 figure display at the North Atherton Wal Mart in State College. I don't collect figures, but this one seemed to be cool, so it's there if anyone wants it.
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    I was at the KB Toys in the Lehigh Valley Mall on Friday afternoon, and they had about five or six each of Luminara Unduli, Royal Guard, and Taun We for $7.99. Also, Toys 'r Us across the street had one Hangar Duel Anakin left.
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    The TRU in Altoona has tons of HD Anakins, Dookus, Zams, Clone Troopers, and Genosian Warriors. This was a few days a go. I haven't been able to get online, but anyway TRU was flooded with these. BTW- Has anyone seen Luminara in Altoona or SC, b/c this is the only one I haven't found yet?
    What happened to the paint job?

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    subMERGE, I will try to keep an eye open for that one & post here if I see it.
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    What happened to the paint job?

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    Altoona KB had nothing but the first 14 + the jar jar wave. I am going to Altoona for a sweep this weekend. I'll post Sunday night.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    The KB in State College had the Eeth Koth wave and FX-7 Wave. They also had the first 14+ jar jar wave +zam and clonetrooper. Suncoast had the same Episode 2 figures as KB.
    Walmart (by Target) in State College had the same as KB and Suncoast.
    The Walmart in Altoona had nothing new. They sold out of Count Dooku and Yoda. TRU in Altoona also sold out of Dooku and Yoda also. Family Toy Warehouse had the first 14+Jar Jar wave. I still haven't found Lumimara ( which I really want), but I did find Taun We at the KB in the Logan Valley Mall.
    I plan on goin out today, so I'll post my finds tonight. BTW- If anyone sees Luminara in State College or Altoona, tell me. I'm starting to get the urge to buy it off the computer.
    What happened to the paint job?

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    The KB in the Altoona Mall had 5-6 each of Luminara, Taun We, and Royal Guard as of yesterday (5/5).
    What happened to the paint job?

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    A new area has been created for PA Star Wars collectors! Check it out!

    It can be found in:

    Forums/Toy Collecting/Collector's Clubs/PA SSG'ers


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