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    Cool Eastern PA Finds

    Quakertown, K-Mart 309

    Finally found R2-Q5. Picked up the last and only one. Not to mention it was the "Imperal" droid; version .0400. Lando, Jar Jar (Tatooine), Battle Droid (Boomer Damage), and Tessek adorned the pegs too.
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    Nium, hey there buddy! I haven't seen you post here in ages...well, actually neither have I. Congrats on the R2-Q5. Well, since I haven't posted in awhile, I'm not sure what you need or haven't seen yet, but I'll keep you posted as to what I've been finding lately. Wal-Mart Whitehall-nothing except some Bespin Guards and a few of the Ketwol wave. Toys R' Us Whitehall-Duros, Gungan Warriors, Coruscant Guards and some of the 25th Anniversary two-packs (mostly Vader-Kenobi). My "reliable" source lately has been the TRU in Philipsburg, NJ right off of 22E. It's a small journey from Allentown that usually pays off. In the last two weeks, I've got Eeth Koth, Zutton, Imperial Officer, Rebel Trooper, FX-7, and Amidala there. I last visited on Monday (march 4th), and this is what they had:
    4-Eeth Koth
    2-Rebel Trooper
    Some of the Lando wave and other "older" waves
    All the 25th Anniversary packs (5-6 each)
    Sorry, I did grab the last two Imperial Officers there.
    I hope this helps, there is also a Wal-Mart right there in the same complex as the TRU, but I haven't even bothered to check it. I'd rather support TRU anytime!

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    There are a lot of Wal-Marts around Allentown. I find myself visiting everyone about once every other week or so.
    here are some of the locations:

    Wilson Exit on 33
    145 N by Burlington Coat Factory
    East Stroudsburg

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    S'up Little Yoda,

    Glad to see your still out there too! By the total number of posts listed under both our usernames I can tell neither of us been postin too much . I just got done cataloging my POTJ collection because I realized I wasn't really sure what was in my POTJ collection. Turns out I'm fairly well caught up...well that is till I read your post on what you'd found at TRU in Jersey a colllecting's never done (hee hee). So far the figs I haven't seen and didn't really know were out...

    -Amidala (that's Royal Decoy right?)
    -Eeth Koth
    -Rebel Trooper
    -Imperial Officer

    In checking over my POTJ turns out the only .0000 cards I have is one Coruscant Guard and Tusken Raider.

    Hope to be seeing more posts from you.
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    Life is only a dream and we are just the imagination of ourselfs

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    Not Quite Eastern PA, but...

    I did find the AotC preview figures over the weekend! I went to visit a friend of mine in Altoona, PA and we were both able to purchase all four figs at the Altoona Wal-Mart. These figures are sweet! When we asked the gentleman working in the toy dept. about the supposed "release date", he just sorta chuckled and said he knew nothing about waiting until the 16th, or 23rd, or whenever. Besides, why would they wait, within a matter of seconds, my friend and I spent 60 bucks on 9 figs (he bought an extra Clonetrooper). I tried to be "strong" and wait until TRU or Target would get these figs, but once I had them in my hand, forget it. I have nothing against Wal-Mart, but I just don't want to see TRU become the next K-Mart. I know, I know, my toy purchases alone won't matter much, but it's the whole "my one vote won't make a difference" idea.

    Uhhhhh yeah, I found the figures! Sorry, didn't mean to go off there!

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    Congrats Little Yoda,

    I found nothing over the weekend. I had checked Whitehall TRU and Phillipsburg TRU along with the Wal-Mart in the same complex and all I saw where Duro and the rest of the latest pegwarmers. Thus the search continues.
    Life is only a dream and we are just the imagination of ourselfs

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    Thumbs up

    I found the sneak preview set at the Wal-Mart in Scranton.
    Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand....

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    Congrats on the find kwy! I think these figures are awesome! What's your opinion? Nium, I can't believe you didn't find anything at the TRU in Phillipsburg, sorry about that. I almost always walk out with new figs. I'll keep you posted as to when and what I find "over there". It may be a few weeks before I venture to NJ again. The Whitehall TRU, WM, and K-Mart all stink lately, nothing but pegwarmers...but those stores were useful when I was buying the Lego sets for my Star Wars Chess Set that I put together. I hope the TRU gets the AT-ST's soon, and the Teebo Wave!

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    AOTC figs

    191, Bethlehem
    AOTC for $6.99ea
    -They had all 4 of the AOTC figs. Looked like a full case on the pegs.

    -Vader (Emporer's Wrath)
    -Luke Skywalker (X-wing suit)
    -Han Solo (Death Star Escape)

    -25th Silver Anniversary Figures

    -Deluxe Figures
    ..Darth Maul w/ Sith Attack Probe
    ..Luke in Bacta Tank

    -Darth Maul
    -Maul (Tatooine)
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    Jedi Starfighter

    309, Quakertown

    Instead of new POTJ figures I ended up findin 3 [strong]Jedi Starfighters[/strong] for $19.76 ea. I left two behind. At first I thought it was a model or a puzzle by the sedate apperance of the box.

    Initially I had some trouble getting the wings or gun covers to stay on but they easily go on after a few times. Even though the R2 unit isn't removable at least it's head spins. The springs for the missles are pretty weak but the wings fly right off.
    Life is only a dream and we are just the imagination of ourselfs


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