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Thread: Sarlacc Pit

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    Sarlacc Pit

    Post your questions, comments about the diorama
    Sarlacc Pit

    If you didn't look at the whole gallery of pics, you've probably missed the Sarlacc creature.
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    i liked it, even though the other skiff was odd looking

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    ACPin, really nice diorama indeed and nice beefed up “Skiff” and as all of you and your sons other LEGO Star Wars dioramas I like it a whole lot as it’s cool to see what others have created from their bricks so keep up the very excellent work you guys.

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    Very cool and creative. I myself am a "pre-SE, no-beak sarlacc" chooser, but your "beak sarlacc" works pretty well. I tried to do something like this, but didn't get past the bigger skiff. However, I used a lot of Rock Raiders and UFO and Ninja bits to cobble together my skiff guards which was really cool.
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    We were gonna try and do a sail barge but didn't have enough pieces to do it. So we improvised and created a skiff that was just the right size to complement the diorama.

    What you don't see in the pics is the foundation of the Sarlacc pit which was a tough going when we started.

    Thanks for all your comments...
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