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    Question Star Wars LEGO television special?

    Does this go under "LEGO"? Does this go under "television"?? Who can honestly say? Anyhow, this popped up on my radar this morning and I think my head either exploded or I had a stroke or something. I'm not sure how I feel about this.


    Lego Star Wars to be celebrated in TV special
    'New and fun direction' for sci-fi series

    By Caleb Cox Get more from this author

    27th June 2011 10:45 GMT

    George Lucas has picked up the building blocks again by readying a Lego Star Wars TV special, to broadcast sometime this autumn.

    The news was revealed when Comingsoon snapped a banner promoting the show at the Licensing International Expo 2011.

    The television special will apparently be created to compliment the ongoing series The Clone Wars, taking Star Wars in a "new and fun direction." Star Wars and Lego, so very new indeed.

    Next year, the original film celebrates its 35th anniversary and by then the world will be even more awash with Star Wars trappings.

    Die-hards and willing parents will no doubt line up outside cinemas for the remastered 3D version of The Phantom Menace, while many will stay indoors to watch both trilogies on Blu-ray when they hit shelves this autumn.
    By that time, the Tatooine Homestead should have been repaired, sparking an influx of fanboy pilgrimages perhaps.
    On the gaming front, there's Kinect Star Wars to look forward to, as well as the anticipated MMORPG The Old Republic. The latter teased us all a few weeks ago with a stunning CG intro video.

    On Friday, Sony Online announced the original Star Wars MMO, Star Wars Galaxies is to be killed off permanently this December.

    According to an interview with Joystiq's MMO blog Massively, president John Smedley said the LucasArts contract was almost up and with The Old Republic set for imminent release, the company felt "it's the right time for the game to end."

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    Interesting find there JP, while it could be cool this kinda sounds craptastic.

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    As a one-off, it could be fine. The thing is that it would have to contain the humour that the games have or it could be seriously horrible... like the horrible gasoline candy that comes in those ceramic figural helmets that Toys 'R' Us sells.
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    The Lego SW games have always been fun, and so have the little videos that they've done to promote them. There's a series of shorts that I actually haven't seen yet, but I have to imagine that it will be in the same vein, if not just those shorts combined into a longer-format special.
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    One site--I think the official Lego site, but I might be mistaken--also did a serialized webcomic based on the Clone Wars, which was quite amusing.

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    We have a date: Friday, 22 July 2010 on Cartoon Network at 7:00pm EST.
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    A year ago? Wow! They're debuting the show with their new time-travel technology!!

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    LOL See? That's what I get for looking at old 2010 account files all day long and logging them.

    2011 !!!!!
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