Not that finding the new Saga Legends is exciting, but I did find 2 cases of the new SL figures at Walmart in Salt Lake City this morning. It is a rather boring assortment of figures, but amazingly enough Walmart had them priced at only $1 per figure. They were crammed on the bottom shelf of a clearance section with no price tag. I was interested in a SpaceTrooper or 2, so I scanned one at the price-checker and was shocked to see them at that price. In hingsight, I probably should have snagged a couple more.

I knew this Walmart had moved all the remaining Saga Legends to the clearance section a couple weeks ago (a few Anakins, Obi-wans, and Mauls), but they never had a price tag on them, so I assumed they would be full price.

Here's a scan of my receipt:

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