Sunday is up, yesterday in fact, but I got sidetracked. Hall H has been opened for Sunday and is being used in an odd manner, basically replacing Ballroom 20 panels, but there's a couple I want to hit in there, so I think Sunday I'm actually fairly booked.

So, I'm still up for Saturday, and now Chux is too. Anybody else?

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Since you'll have plenty of free time to kill on that day you and Steve can swing by the Nickelodeon and Saban booths and pick up any Ranger freebies they have. Also feel free to stop by the other booths and pick up any other freebies for me along the way.
You've never done a con with Steve, have you. There's no such thing as "free time", there's only more time taking pictures and talking with booth people for SSG and ActionFigs. SLAVE DRIVER! If I see some MMPR stuff, I'll make sure Steve or I grab it.

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1:20 Saturday would probably work for me. I might try to go to Futurama, and it gets out at 1. If I can't, well, it'll be on TV soon. (I've found that the patience to wait until something actually airs a few months later works to one's benefit with panel scheduling. )
That's the panel I'm going to as well. It's a great panel, and some of the stuff they said at last year's hasn't happened yet, it's coming this season, so that's over a year's wait.

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Kinda skimming the list, I've come up with a tentative list for the first three days worth of panels. Not sure what I'll actually go to, and my daughter likely being with me the whole time is a big factor. And, yeah, I know there's some conflicts, but I'm not done:

10-11: IDW & Hasbro (room 9)
2:30-3:30: Hasbro Transformers (room 24ABC)
3:30-4:30: The Making of Transformers Prime (room 24ABC)
*--I've discovered that Chux Jr loves this show, primarily because Arcee is a main character. Given the disturbing dearth of strong female characters in kids' entertainment, I can't discourage this simply because it's crappily-written, uses the stupid Bayformers designs, and has a color palette that renders it almost unwatchable for me.
5-6: Beavis & Butt-Head (room 6A)
6-7: Voltron (Indigo Ballroom, Hilton Bayfront)

10-11: Lego Star Wars (room 7AB)
11-12: Hasbro Star Wars (room 7AB)
11-12: Tintin (hall H)
2-3: Green Lantern: The Animated Series (room 6BCF)
3:30-4:30: Thundercats Premiere (room 6A)
6-7: Batman 45th Anniversary (room 9)
8-9: Reign of the Dinosaurs (room 6DE)
*--This sounds like a more up-to-date version of Walking With Dinosaurs. Who doesn't love Walking With Dinosaurs? The ghost of Hitler, that's who.

12:15-1:00: Futurama (ballroom 20)
7-8: Fables (room 6DE)
*--This is the only panel that's definitely not for kids, but might be okay for her to sleep in. But it's one of the best series I've ever read, and I understand that attendees get inside information on the characters that doesn't actually appear in the comic.
8:30-11:30: Masquerade (various locations)

Am I blind, or is there absolutely no GIJoe-related panel at all? I might have to ask at the booth, "Is GIJoe the red-headed stepchild of Hasbro, since most of the stuff--the POC line, both IDW continuities, and Renegades--are the best the line has ever been, but they're not marketed and all the eggs seem to be in the Rise of Cobra 2 basket, despite everyone and their brother agreeing that the movie was crap?"
Not a bad looking list. You are right that there's nothing GI Joe, I suggest you bug Derryl DePriest about it even though it's not his brand.

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Hmm..Tycho's not posted in this thread yet...Tycho, usually you don't attend all 4 days anyhow
True enough. I haven't seen him post in a few days at all, I wonder if he's busy with another thing EDIT - just heard from him via text msg, he's been ill and is only now feeling better. Hopefully he'll check in soon.

Seems like the lack of new Clone Wars and TVC figures is making it too easy for all of us to drift away from Star Wars. He didn't get a badge either, like you, he missed out, and now basically has to come back to the SSG staff fold to get in this year.