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    TVC Wave 2 (ROTS) thread

    Still more interested in seeing these figures carded. Nothing really stands out personally for me, except the Sandtrooper looks like the one from the Dewback set last year. Guaranteed to buy a couple of those guys, I just wish they gave him the orange pauldron; but it's easy enough to pull that off one of my SL Sandtroopers.

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    The new ROTS figures look really cool. Sidious has a combination of soft goods and plastic that will hopefully look good on the actual figure. The robes look to be more or less the correct colors and not too bunchy - and that face is creepy! Anakin's arm is positioned weirdly, like it got broken off - but I'm excited for a ROTS Anakin with ball-joint elbows and Sith eyes (finally!). Both Grievous and his bodyguard look fantastic! The clone was a wasted opportunity to release the Utapau trooper in a better color scheme - and I wonder what picture they'll put on his card, as the only all-white troopers in the film are on the gunship behind Mace and Obi-Wan.

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    I'll get a cody to open as I never found him last time; a Grevious, maybe the Emperor depending on how he looks and the Sandtrooper - hope the belt is not yellow this time around
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    and I wonder what picture they'll put on his card, as the only all-white troopers in the film are on the gunship behind Mace and Obi-Wan.
    They'll probably just go with one of the promotional shots with a background dropped in.

    I'm pretty interested to see what photo they use for the Sandtrooper. Been wanting to see an "official" vintage carded Sandtrooper for decades now.

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    Does anyone else think that the Clonetrooper looks a bit like an all-white "repaint" of Commander Gree?

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    Time will tell if the real deal looks as good as the promo pic, but that Sidious looks pretty sweet.
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    Another year, another ROTS Nute Gunray. ::Sighs.:: There is always 2011, I suppose.

    The sculpts look great, though.
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    Sandtrooper, Magnaguard, and Sidious are the only ones that are interesting. The rest are kinda meh.

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    pics look nice. can't wait to see them at retail...that Sidious will be mine. can't wait to have him in a Senate Duel pose with Yoda.

    really need to see how Anakin's eyes look up close before making my decision but since he looks like the recent Anakin figures but now with Sith Eyes I'll eventually get him.

    Sandtrooper is a definate....might have to get a few of him.

    Grievous looks cool. will have to wait and see what he's like at retail before making my final decision.

    Magna Guard looks great, definately getting a couple of these guys.... hoping that Hasbro does a running change and gives us the blue version of the guard as well.

    Obi Wan is meh for me.

    Clone Trooper - if it is a repaint of the TAC Gree then I'm all for it...if it's just another Saga Legends trooper repacked than it's a pass.
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    Grievous, his Magna Guard, and the Emperor from the Yoda-Duel look interesting.

    The rest will be a pass for me.

    That's really cool actually. I need to save some money and pay off some debt.
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