I have a NM (only because i touched it) R2D2 with hologram leia / comtech chip...it has been in a plastic clamshell since i got it...im looking to trade for: 300th Boba Fett any condition but loose...and a few of the following figures in any condition but loose:
Mual: sith aprentice
Mual: sith training (shirtless/probe)
Eek Koth jedi
Ploo Koon jedi
Aura Sing
Sio Bibble (ep1)

i also have carded .00 in plastic clamshells:
Obi wan Ep1 jedi duel
Qui gon Ep1 jedi duel
Darth Mual Jedi Duel
Bespin Luke (potf)
Boba Fett(potf)