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    Article: New Hasbro Photos for July 2011

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Why did Hasbro feel the need to send images of older figures on international cards? Is that the first time they're being released in some countries or something? Ponda Baba is an absolute work of art. I knew they were planning on having both hands and hooves, but to also have bloody stumps (both attached to his body and attached to his severed arm!) just pushes it right over the top. Just fantastic. On both Ponda and the Rebel Soldier have different card art than their Vintage counterparts, but both here are better and more representative of the actual figure inside (as opposed to the Rebel Soldier being a completely different, white-suited one), so I think it works. The Search for Luke Skywalker set looks great as well. I would have preferred a brown coat, hood-up Han, but this works fine (and the heads between the different Hoth Hans are interchangeable if it really bugs anyone). The Tauntaun prototype we saw was Luke's, with the broken horn, so the fact that this is Han's is surprising, meaning we'll inevitably get Luke's too. They're really making up for lost time with that Hoth Rebel Soldier. :P

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    Pass . . . pass . . . pass . . . .pass . . . pass . .. easy pass . . . pass pass pass pass pass pas pass pass pass pass pass pa-- wait . . . /scroll back up/ A tauntaun? A NEW tauntaun? Im in. Im in for another one if they release lukes too.

    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass Rebel trooper. I'll get one carded for sure!

    That's it. so . . . out of everything listed I'm interested in only three items, one of which is hypothetical (Luke Tauntaun, which isn't shown so it may not even be really coming out).

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    Looks like I'll save some money as a lot of repack I already have. Gots to have the Tauntaun pack, Ponda, Rebel Soldier, and Proto Fett. CW Stealth Ops Trooper, and Commander Jet too.

    For those who missed CW C-3P0, who is hard to find now, at least they can get him in a Battle pack... and of course HTF Hondo carded.

    If they corrected Commander Bly and added the brown stripes, I would probably buy that Blue-Ray pack. But it looks like not.

    Does that AOTC Clone have weathering on him not seen before, or is he an Evolutions?

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    Tauntaun looks sweet. (Good catch there, BTW, JJL--that's virtual confirmation of both, I'd say.) So does the Rebel Trooper. I'm a bit concerned about Ponda Baba--it looks like he can hold his glass with his flipper, and his gun with his paw. Hopefully, he can hold the glass in a paw, too.

    "Prototype" Boba Fett is just an existing Fett in white, right? That seems kind of silly. At what point did he exist in his finalized armor, but in solid white, unless someone's misinterpreting a black-and-white sketch?

    And wouldn't it be cheaper (for a loose collector, at least) to buy a Boba Fett and repaint it?

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    This video and this article chronicle the evolution of Boba's real-world armor (the video basically tells you everything, but there's a good color photo in the article). The belt is different, but I think everything else is from the VOTC sculpt. The cape was actually a Star Wars towel, so there's some slight graphic nods to that in the figure. I've wanted this version for a while, and a mail-away seems to be a good way to go for it. And of course it would be cheaper (apart from the belt and guns) to repaint, but an official version is inherently much cooler.
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    Need: New Tauntaun, Boba Fett, Hondo, aqua droid, and Panda Baba. Lots of old pics.

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    I was in a hurry and just uploaded everything they sent... I'll clean them up shortly.

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    The white Boba Fett was the first preview that was seen before The Empire Strikes Back came out. He was seen walking with Darth Vader in a parade. They never gave him a name if I remember right. But he was actually seen in the flesh.

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    Why on earth release any product photos now when Comic Con is so close? It's just going to cause people to complain there was nothing new to see.


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