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    Eeth Koth in Oklahoma

    I went into Toys 'R Us today, not expecting to see anything new. To my surprise, there was one Eeth Koth sitting on the peg all by his lonesome. There were no other figures from that wave present... they had already been sold. I don't know what the deal is, but it has taken forever for this wave to show up in Oklahoma. I mean, I saw the Lego Jedi Starfighter the other day for the first time... that is to say, I saw a toy from Episode II released before I ever saw a figure from Eeth Koth's wave in the store (and Eeth's wave was announced quite awhile back)!

    So, I guess I'll keep looking for Zutton, FX-7, and co (not to mention, BoShek, Teebo, and R4-M9). Perhaps they'll all show up at once when the preview figures get here.

    But at least I finally have Eeth Koth... making my Jedi Council a little more complete.
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    Question What part of OK?


    As a fellow collector in OK, I, too, have been unable to find Eeth & Zutton, and I'm still trying to track down the new Rebel Trooper.

    Speaking of OK and Council Members, I'd like to introduce myself as a Council Member of a central OK Star Wars Collectors Club - Jedi OKC.

    We meet monthly, and have an MSN Community set up (for now) for us to correspond regularly. We're a small coalition of fans and collectors who "talk shop" and help each other complete collections and such. Everyone's welcome to check us out and/or join. Attendance at the meetings isn't compulsive, and we've got quite a little network throughout OKC, Edmond, Moore, Norman and MWC.

    Check us out at Jedi OKC.

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    Eth Koth in Ok

    I found this wave in OK back in January... I also found FX7 wave before Xmas... I'm in Tulsa, OK right now...

    TRU here is crawling with these figures... I was there this past weekend.
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    Jedi Law Student what part of OK are you in ??
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    Hey, nice to meet you all! Thanks for the info about Jedi OKC, it sounds pretty cool! I'm currently living in Norman, so you can assume all references I make are to stores in Norman unless otherwise indicated. I also visit Edmond from time to time.

    For some reason, I have a feeling that the preview figures will show up on schedule around here. I can't wait for R3-T7! That's the preview figure I want the most.
    "Is that the Six Million Dollar Man's boss?"


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