the stores here suck....i have a Wal mart ,Kmart, K-Btoys,EB...and if i feel like driving i have a other than the toysRus...all these stores have almost totaly stopped getting star wars figures...and the few that they do order the stock boys rape befor they hit the ive found this in most Wv and some Md stores....and im reading people post that their walmart or Big K has POTJ figures for 2.00....i wish to make a deal with anyone to ship me the figures i need...arangments can be made in even IM

some help would be great and i might have something around here you need...i did see the 12"mual with sith speeder on clearence at walmart for 9.00...also seen most the Ep1 3 3/4 figs for 1.00 (still cant find the damn Sio Bibble)

i have a big collection of figures and want to get cought up befor the 52 episode 2 figs start