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    Article: San Diego Comic-Con 2011

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Some cool things showing up on the web.

    12" Boba Fett (FINALLY!! )

    Indiana Jones Map Room disguise (white outfit and face cover)
    Indiana Jones Map Room Environment (already on Sideshow's site)

    Star Wars:
    3" 3/4 line
    Death Star Trench Run comes w/ X-wing (Luke & R2) and Darth Vader TIE (Darth Vader)

    Marvel and DC super-hero sets

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    I'm really quite diggin' the repainted landspeeder. It's much more accurate to the film now, and the $16.99 price tag is great. Interesting that they're releasing both Han and Luke's tauntauns at around the same time. It looks like Luke's is an exclusive, but I can't tell where. Also, hopefully an upgraded Hoth Luke is on its way. The Republic AV-7 Mobile Cannon and Mandalorian Assault Transport both look really nice, and like they'll add some much-needed heft to the starfighter vehicle assortment. The Clone Wars basic line looks great too, even though much of it has been revealed already. That's pretty symptomatic of much of what's on display, but I guess that's to be expected with so many leaks. Hopefully there is more stuff waiting to be put out or shown in the slideshow; the lack of new Vintage figures is strange.

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    I find it very strange that we aren't seeing carded Kithaba and Evazan figures. I'm worrying that wave got lost somewhere. Or, that the "surprises" for the slide show will be these figures we were already told about!

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    On one hand, it seems like year after year after year Hasbro can't follow the release schedule it sets and doesn't release as many figures as are promised for a year. So maybe the line is in good shape. On the other hand, I predict some of the figures (Kithaba, Evazan) will be pushed back to next year. I'm betting the slide show does not show ANY new figures to be released this year we don't already know about and that some of the ones we were already told about come next year.

    I must say I am worried about the health of the line. Look at this web site. A year ago, on preview night, the site was crackling with discussion of the new Gamorrean Guard, Klaatu, and the rest of Vintage wave three. Here we are preview night, and there's no real new vintage figures to discuss and no one really posting.

    Not a good sign.

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    Let's see.Bastila is a must. Though I will probably only get her carded.The Y-wing is a must for me, anyway. Though I knew about it already.A hand full of the Revenge of the Jedi cards would be nice, the two I want most being Leia and R2.The land speeder is nice. I may buy it so that I have one box of a vehicle from A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.The Taun Tauns are GREAT . . . but I don't know if I'll buy them simply due to lack of space and cash, as it seems the few things im interested in are rather expensive.

    Oh wait. the WHOLE LINE is rather expensive at 10 bucks a figure.

    Just about everything else will probably be passed on without thought by me.

    I agree that it's preaty darn quiet compared to this time last year as well. I thought there'd be more excitement about Comicon, but then, we really did know about most of this already I guess. But I am worried that people started to come back for the vintage figures . . .only to quit with the price increases, and even worse, the distribution issues for more than half a year. Guess we'll see what happens, I suppose.

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    So the Revenge carded Boba shows him with red gauntlets/wrist armor which is different than the current TVC Boba Fett .
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TVC-VC0.jpg 
Views:	4 
Size:	69.7 KB 
ID:	25254

    Revenge Card:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	STU_5265_resize.JPG 
Views:	5 
Size:	64.7 KB 
ID:	25253

    Is the Revenge Carded Boba really going to be different than TVC VC09 Boba?

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    ^ it appears the "REVENGE" carded version is a repack of the 2004 VOTC Fett sporting ROTJ colors whereas TVC09 was a repack of the evolution Fett, thus REVENGE Fett is tvc#61. kinda stupid hasbro didnt change the card pic to the sail barge pic. At quick glance at retail, consumers are going to be confused i am afraid.
    i am also afraid that recent posts over at another site that has an appearent insider say 2 more waves, 1 wave of 5....aayla wave likely and wave of 10 who another poster pointed out are likely the "revenge" fett,han, leia, pilots, basatilla, hoth trooper, ponda and 2 yet to be revealed figs...maybe the rumored jarjar and maul. but since ee and bbts lists 2 seperate waves for the 10, it does follow something hasbro once said about a future wave of 10 that may need to be split up. if a 2nd wv9 ratio appears on ee w/ the 2 yet-to-be-revealed figs, then it will all fit into place. including another hasbro comment that the deleted scene figs are seperate sub-line....r2-a5 rumor would then fit there along w/ rumored new luke jedi and sandstorm lando and leia figs

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    I'm guessing they're holding Kithaba and Evazan until after the panel.

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    Hasbro only put out the B-Wing and moved some stuff around after the panel...


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