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    Please post your VOTE for up to 2 {two} of the questions provided in this thread, letting us know which ones you most want to see asked on August 19th. Keep in mind that your votes in round 92 do not count in this round, so if your question is still on the list you may want to vote for it again.

    Also, feel free to suggest new questions, but please keep in mind that due to the now extra-limited nature of the program, we cannot use every suggestion.

    Current questions (vote for up to 2):

    1. - Force FX has entered a new phase with the removable blade series, and so far we've seen the first couple waves. Thanks to Clone Wars, female characters are back on the rise in Star Wars and bringing in more female collectors - Ahsoka especially has been selling very well. What does the future of Force FX look like? What are the chances of Ahsoka's lightsaber being added to the Force FX line, better opening that market up to female consumers and getting Clone Wars main character recognizability?
    2. - A few years ago, we asked about the chance for updating the role-play Han Solo Blaster and Stormtrooper Blaster accessories, and your response was a not at that time because they weren't supported by then-current entertainment. The existing role-play Stormtrooper and Han blasters are molds from the late '70s, now technically 5 decades old. While they do have some pretty decent design for items from that era, compared to Hasbro's newer role-play blasters, they come up a bit lacking in accuracy and features. We don't expect all-black movie accuracy due to safety concerns, but on those 2, the seams are a bit uncomfortable to hold, the lights and sounds don't deliver all that effectively and don't rapid-fire nicely; and on the Stormtrooper blaster, the stock is still missing in action, and there's never been a clip. With ANH being re-released next year on Blu-Ray, and in theaters in a few years, it seems like there are going to be opportunities to deliver updated versions of those 2 iconic blasters in the role-play lineup, so is there any chance of seeing that happen?
    3. - Sgt. Bric's initial cartoon outing turned out to be kind of a bust. The character was an unmemorable jerk and didn't really add anything to his storyline. In fact, if not for the action figure you guys did, he'd be a complete nobody in 2010. And on top of that, the postage on his set when it arrived in Los Angeles was a whopping $5.15, so after the cost of the box and the handling, just getting it out the door probably ate the entire $6.99 right there. Combine that with the fancy packaging and the battle mat, and the fact that he's 100% new tooling with some pricey-looking (for CW) paint, and it seems like Bric's quite an expensive promotional venture for Hasbro to have undertaken... all for a minor jerk of a character. What is it about Bric that made you choose him for a big Clone Wars mail-away promo figure?
    4. - The new R5-D4 figure does not have the painted red panels on his back. That might sound like a minor issue, but the panels are clearly visible in the film when the droid's motivator blows up, and they help give the little guy a bit more visual pop. Neither the 1996 nor the 2006 versions of R5-D4 had these painted either, so it's disappointing to see that the third time is not the charm (though it remains a detail that the original vintage figure got right). Given the number of running changes we've seen so far in The Vintage Collection, is it at all possible that this oversight might be changed on future shipments?
    5. - The Force FX lightsabers are targeted at adult collectibles, for a group who generally desire accuracy in their prop collectibles, and yet the latest ROTS Obi-Wan's lightsaber with removable blade suffers a big inaccuracy due to the blade needing to be securely anchored. However, with your removable-blade designs, you've started using dummy parts to fill in the removed blades, and we wonder if you'd consider for future thin-necked lightsabers like Luke ROTJ and Obi-Wan having the removable blade take the entire thick "neck" with it and having a more accurate thin-necked dummy design replace it. That much weight anchoring has been accomplished before in the thick metal coupler for the Maul saber halves that screwed together, on these thin-neck sabers the neck could screw down to the top part of the grip. That would let collectors have their cake and eat it too by giving an accurate hilt prop display with the thin neck, while still having the light-up blade play using the thick neck. So has there been any consideration for that sort of thing, and might it be seen in future Force FX sabers when needed?
    6. - The plethora of white clones and sandtroopers that have shipped with every wave so far this year are having some problems getting out the doors of major retailers. Also, repainted clones such as Gree and the orange clone trooper do not seem to have the same problem building up on the pegs. A while back you told us that Hasbro bean counters were cracking down on running-change figures, but having different pauldron colors for the sandtrooper in different waves, and repainting the episode 2 (sergeant and officer colors) and episode 3 clones (many different units to choose from) in different color schemes for different waves would have almost definitely helped alleviate the oversupply/under demand problems for these figures. Please don't read this as us asking for more clones and sandtroopers as right now we do think it's overkill, but since recent and future waves still seem to be pushing these stalled figures, do you think the recent issues are enough to give the "no running changes" policy another look for troubled trooper figures?
    7. - The 2009 Count Dooku with Speeder Bike figure featured a fabric cloak with a sculpted plastic clasp, meaning he had the free range of motion provided by the cloak with the accuracy of the clasp. This year though, instead of a plastic clasp, your TVC General Lando Calrissian figure has a thick elastic strap that doesn't really look anything like the fabric braid the character wore in the film; it seems like that is a case where a plastic clasp would have been preferable. The plastic clasp holding closed a fabric cloak solution could also be a possibility on future Darth Vader figures, or movie-based Count Dooku figures, or other figures where appropriate and the material allows it. Will the plastic-clasp-and-fabric approach be taken more in the future? Why wasn't it with TVC General Lando?
    8. - Since the release of the ROTJ wave last Fall, there really hasn't been much product for either line making a big appearance on shelves at any major retailer. Many waves have come and gone in very small, sporadic, scattered numbers. Your recent answers about some figures slowing things up doesn't fully account for what seems to be extremely-low retailer orders or problematic case assortments that continued even a year after figures were showing problems to continue pushing slow-moving product rather than focusing on newer and more popular stuff. Beyond the slow-moving figures, what is happening with the spotty distribution and case assortment planning for this year so far? You've always told us that you monitor what's selling and adjust future case assortments to address problems, yet we haven't seen that lately, why not slip in Wedge and the Gamorrean and the like, truly sought-after figures, instead of just another pass at recarded figures?
    9. - Last Fall, Hasbro finally had to bite the bullet and raise pricing across the line, both movie product and Clone Wars. Retailers seemed to take an odd approach with the raised prices, showing many instances where they'd set a price even a dollar or two higher than what Hasbro was aiming for. Now the main line Vintage Collection figures go for $9 to $11 at the major retailers, Clone Wars figures go from $7 to $9.50 at the major retailers, and pricing on bigger stuff that was still key to the line, like Starfighter Vehicles and 4-figure Battle Packs, are jumping up around $25 to $30 at the big retailers. Pricing has always been a challenge, it's even part of what killed the original Kenner line back in '85, but it seems to some collectors like right now that pricing has gone beyond what the market will bear for little 3.75-inch Star Wars figures. Saga Legends, once a powerhouse for the Star Wars line with casual collectors and kids, now seems to be struggling, and throughout spring through the summer reset, both Target and Walmart stores in many areas were clearancing them out and taking the SKU off their shelves. Both casual collector interest and even fan interest seems to have finally found the "make or break" point with the new pricepoints, or at least making them far more discerning about what they were considering buying. Does Hasbro view the pricing situation for Star Wars anywhere near the view we collectors are seeing?
    10. - Lucasfilm is all of a sudden talking about the February 2012 cinema release of Episode I in 3D as an experiment, one that, should it not live up to their expectations will end the Saga's re-release train then and there. They've also said that the live-action TV series is on hold a few more years. Should the 3D release not pan out, that would leave only the Blu-Ray release coming up this Fall as major entertainment support for the realistic incarnation of the brand. Granted, Hasbro's Star Wars line has survived plenty of waves without entertainment support, but the state of the toy industry seems more brutal, more dire than before. What is Hasbro looking forward to using as support for the main Star Wars movie line should the 3D movie release not pan out? Hasbro hasn't done any major advertising for the main Star Wars movie line in a while, might there be a renewed push into that realm?
    11. - Most collectors still haven't really gotten a significant experience with the new Vintage Collection waves that do away with theming. Can you touch a little more on how those new non-themed waves are planned out? Is it harder to find a "voice" for creating a wave that way, or is it freeing not to have to come up with a bunch of figures all centered around a single concept that have to be ready to go at the exact same time?
    12. - At the SDCC panel, Hasbro talked about the new Battle Droid and even a new ROTJ Speeder Bike in the works. Both these items are ones that previous iterations have suffered significant wilting on, their plastics were too soft to support their long, thin designs for any real amount of time. Dave Vennemeyer during the Convention mentioned the Battle Droid, that he slightly thickened up the legs to accommodate the transformation scheme and to add a little more articulation, but he did not not specifically say it was to counter the wilting. The wilting, we've been told by Hasbro, is softer materials being used by the factories, and that team Hasbro Star Wars has been talking to them for some time about addressing the soft plastics issue. So, with the new Battle Droid and Speeder Bike, is something going to be done to avoid that frustrating wilting?
    13. - In the foreseeable future, can we expect to see the Neimoidian Separatist Shuttle released, seeing how it's appeared in three films, and in 12 Clone Wars episodes so far? It has a unique shape and certainly seems as useful as a Mandalorian Shuttle, which is getting a release.
    14. - Concerning the Clone Wars Battle Droid figure, will you ever release a regular infantry version that sports the Firefighter Battle Droid's extra-articulated arms, and the Class 1 Fleet Separatist Speeder Pilot Battle Droid's extra-articulated legs, so that we'll have a more articulated animated Battle Droid?
    15. - At 2010 SDCC, we interviewed Derryl and asked a question about the philosophy behind the very successful Hasbro Star Wars Q&A, to which he responded:

      "It does take a lot of time to answer questions and not be glib. It's actually very easy to be glib, with Star Wars we set out from the very first session to try and solve a problem we had with the fan base, which was a real wall that seemed to exist. So we wanted to smash down a wall which had built up between corporate Hasbro and the fanbase at large. Our mission to do the Q&A was really precipitated by kind of a lack of insight or understanding into our actual processes that we used when creating the line, when making the decisions we do, and balancing the fact that we're fans but at the same time we're working at a company and we have financial obligations to the company to deliver on a certain target, what was promised, and we have to balance that. We hope that we've made that kind of corporate financial aspect almost invisible to the way we approach the line, it's a necessity that's always behind us. But that's why you see things, I talked about, like, we had to balance the costing and here's what goes into costing. We'll make a character selection or wave selection or vehicle selection based on balancing all the aspects of how big these characters are, how much deco they're gonna take, how much tooling - you know, that's always a big one - how much tooling a wave consumes, and by doing so we're able to give fans the ability to communicate, to write and talk about things in the same way that we do, and we've seen an evolution in the way fans perceive the line, which means that we've done a good job helping fans understand the things that we have to balance. So my appreciation goes out to the fans too for responding to that, which means that we can move on to other questions of character selection or things like that that we know people really want to get to. [Q&A as an education,] you're right, and getting back to the point where it would be easy to be glib to answer questions, to be short and say "no" or "yes" to some questions. The Star Wars fanbase is the most passionate fanbase on the planet. We exist, our jobs exist because of the fans. Our approach to the Q&A is when somebody asks an impassioned question, to respect that question, right? Sometimes they may not be things we want to be asked, but it's our job to answer them, to not show an emotional response, to answer them with the respect the question deserves, and we treat everything equally. Some people want very specific answers, some people very broad, but everything really deserves an answer, and that's we approach it. So, our answer back to the fans is to show an appreciation of the passion and respect that they bring to Star Wars."

      Derryl's comments there impressed us quite a bit and showed a stark contrast to what we had been experiencing at the time with Hasbro's Transformers Q&A, where answers did come off seeming glib and lacking repect for those fans. This year, with Jeff taking over SW Q&A from Derryl, the first few batches of answers have come off with somewhat of a brief, glib, vague, even mocking tone - more PR-styled answers than giving fans a real understanding of how the brand works. We hope this is a misunderstanding of each other, just a breaking-in period and not a repeat of the ultimately pointless Transformers Q&A. If so, what can we fans do to help smooth this transitional period? If not, what's the new intention of this Q&A, what's the point?
    16. - The issue of characters appearing in the Saga Legends line around the same time that they appear in The Vintage Collection is something that in the past Hasbro said they were trying to avoid, but lately has changed gears on. For the Saga Legends figures under the TVC line, out of 32 figures 15 of them were repeats of TVC figures on shelves around the same time, such as Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke ESB Pilot, the AOTC and ROTS Clones, the Stormtrooper, C-3PO, Vader, Grievous, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, and the Super Battle Droid (who is identical aside from a slight change in deco, and a pistol). The Saga Legends versions are often $2 cheaper than their TVC counterparts, and sometimes are even superior in some ways - look at the helmet situation on the TVC Episode III clones compared to the properly-sized, never-green, correctly-painted Saga Legends clone that's also cheaper and comes with a stand. What is the cause of those counter-planned characters, and are they cannibalizing sales from each other as we suspect? Is there any concern that having the same figure out in 2 movie-based lines accelerating its market ceiling being reached?

    Vote now, and suggest new questions too. Thanks for participating.

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    Here's one that I thought of and probably won't have a chance to ask at Comic-Con tomorrow:

    "At Comic-Con, you confirmed the Daultay Dofine figure coming out next year. While collectors will definitely welcome another Neimoidian (even if kids may not flock to buy him, based on previous Neimoidian sales history), it seems a bit odd that you picked a character with a few seconds of screen time (who's better known for being called a "stunted slime" than for anything he actually said or did) over Tey How, who has a far larger role in the film and a more distinctive look--and is consistently highly-ranked in fan's choice polls. To be honest, even a resculpt of one of the two most important Neimoidians in the movie (Nute Gunray or Rune Haako) would seem to make more sense than Daultay Dofine. We're not complaining, but could you explain why you picked Dofine over Gunray, Haako, or How?"

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    I wouldn't say that he has less time than Tey How; after the opening bridge scenes, where they both get a fair amount of lines, they typically appear together. I do kind of wonder why they picked him over How, though, given that she ranked higher in the fans' choice poll. And there's still more TPM announcements to be made, though I bet that Tey How would have appeared in TVC over the Episode I movie line.
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    Tey How has been rumored for a while, maybe we'll get here next year as well.

    I have a question,

    Hasbro, can we ever expect to see the Neimoidian/Separatist Shuttle released, seeing how it's appeared in three films, and in twelve SW:TCW episodes?

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    New question:

    There seems to be a lot of confusion and speculation on the status of TVC "wave 4" (which includes Dr. Evazan, Kithaba, Nom Anor, Aayla Secura and the 501st Clonetrooper) and it's relationship to the Walmart exclusive Ep1 wave scheduled for early 2012. In the SDCC slideshow, "wave 4" is listed as a part of The Vintage Collection, and it includes: Aayla Secura, Nom Anor, Kithaba, Dr. Evazan, Naboo Pilot, Mawhonic, Aurra Sing, and the Gungan Warrior. Now we understand that this wave has been moved to early 2012, however, who exactly is in the wave? Four of those figures were listed on another slide as being a part of the Walmart Exclusive Ep1 wave, which would not be on Vintage packaging. Was your slideshow mistaken? Are Dr. Evazan, Kithaba, Aayla Secura, Nom Anor and the 501st Clone going to be a part of the Walmart exclusive wave and, thus, NOT on vintage-style cards (which would be a giant punch to the gut for many collectors)? Or are Mawhonic, Aurra Sing, Naboo Pilot and the Gungan Warrior going to be available simultaneously as a part of the Walmart exclusive wave AND a part of the Vintage Collection (which would defeat the purpose of them being exclusives)? What's going on here? Can you clear some of this up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Are Dr. Evazan, Kithaba, Aayla Secura, Nom Anor and the 501st Clone going to be a part of the Walmart exclusive wave and, thus, NOT on vintage-style cards (which would be a giant punch to the gut for many collectors)?
    Now, I wasn't there but the slides suggest to me that the Walmart wave will be on Vintage cards. The opening slide lists those figures as part of the Vintage line and the slide with the photos has "Vintage Figures Assortment" at the top. Did I miss something that was said in the panel?
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    I dont post much here but I have been around a long time. My question for Hasbro is this.

    With the fact that the VC 28 Vintage Wedge Antillies has been so popular, will we ever see a Updated figure with the Correct Painted Helmet? His helmet is not Silver, Its Green. With everyone trying to swipe up the new figure and paying a lot of money for it. you would expect it to be correct?


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    Dear Hasbro , When will you release the millenium falcon on the vintage collection packaging? I own 2 versions of the falcon , the power of the force version from 1995 and the one from the 2002 Saga collection but I would love to own one on the vintage collection packaging.

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    New question:

    The BMF vehicles are becoming a welcome staple of the Star Wars line and the electronic lights and sounds of those toys are some of their most notable features. Unfortunately, those same lights and sounds get repetitive and boring after just a few hours. Would you consider equipping each toy with a USB port that would allow them to be hooked up to a computer so that new sound-effects and voice clips can be downloaded from your website? It would be a great way to create a level of upgrade-ability, customizability and long-term appeal for the toys. Also, retrofitting the existing BMF vehicles, like the Millenium Falcon, with this feature would be a good excuse for a rerelease and would allow collectors to choose which scene they want their toy to represent. For instance, collectors wanting their Falcon to recreate the space slug scene from ESB could download the sound clips specific to that scene and delete the ANH sound clips from their toy. Or if a vehicle like the AT-TE shows up in an episode of The Clone Wars, then fans would be able to get online immediately after watching the show and download a new batch of sound clips relevant to that particular episode. With online interactivity being so popular these days, it seems that something like this would add some extra perceived value to your higher priced vehicles. Is this something you would consider or do you believe would it drive development costs up too much?
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    Possible question idea:
    Have you (Hasbro) ever considered involving the leaders/operators of the larger fan sites in a roundtable setting as a way to gauge fan interest? Once or twice a year you could give these "super fans" a top secret, confidential sneak peak at the upcoming plans of figures and/or figure line-ups and use their input to help decide which figures should be carried forward in multiple waves and which figures may need more limited release. I know the people who operate these websites, like our own JediTricks, have a finger on the pulse of fan base. They could provide a wealth of information and help limit some "mistakes" in under and over production. As a way to protect your information from spreading, you could exclude fan sites that leak information from Q & A sessions and/or future involvement in roundtable events. This would seem to be a great way to get the fans involved in the process while providing you with valuable information.


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