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Thread: 2012 Lego sets

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    2012 Lego sets

    Ok it may be a bit early to be starting a 2012 thread, but Lego has some 2012 news for us. The big news is Lego Superheros, DC and Marvel Universes. Yes both DC and Marvel. Here are the announcements : DC and Marvel

    And the office Lego Superhero web site. Right now it just DC.

    Personally I'm much more exited about the Marvel line. I've always been a bigger Marvel fan then DC. Other then non-campy Batman I almost never have read or watched most DC stuff. Either way I'm exited about both of these and can't wait to see how they're going to some of these figures. The Hulk and Wolverine have me asking questions about how they're going to be done. Still I can't believe they have both lines and am waiting for the gotcha to come.
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    FBTB's flickr page has photos of Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Joker, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy from the DC line and Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, and Captain America from the Marvel line.

    The DC stuff looks a little more final, while the Marvel is more prototype looking. I think the Batman villains looks great. They're all a huge improvement over the old ones, especially the Joker. Wonder Woman is pretty good, Batman is basically the same, I'm mixed on Superman.

    The Marvel line needs a lot of improvement. Cap and Thor look good. I'd love to see a Thor with a helmet, but that's a pretty minor issue. Wolverine is more or less what I expected. The hair is very Logan like, but Wolverine needs his mask. The Hulk's a bit funny without a face, but this is a prototype so I can't complain too much. Iron Man is for lack of a better term a mess. Rather than making a printed head like Cap or Spider-Man Lego has done the dumbest thing possible and made an over-sized helmet piece. This looks just awful. Helpfully Lego either makes a printed head or special Iron-Man head (like C-3PO).
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    That Hulk looks pretty awesome. I'm wondering if Iron Man's head will look a little more proportional on the production version.

    Looking forward to some Classic X-Men sets sometime down the line.
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    Nevermind, made a post just for it.


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