We need another carded Weequay from Clone Wars.

Besides Hondo, his henchman with the almost Japanese rising sun symbol on his bandana (it's a yellow bandana with a red star I think - sort of Soviet actually) - ought to be made. I still think a Weequay flying saucer ship (like the Rapier-One) would work in the basic ship size assortment, too. It got a lot of screen time.

I think CW animated versions of Gamorreans should start showing up - not just for Jabba's, but for these pirate gangs as well.

And Ziro the Hutt could work in a figure-vehicle pack shipment if they'd like. They're making hologram figures - rumor anyway. So I'd suggest a Count Dooku hologram figure to be included with Ziro in a figure-vehicle packaging format! (Or Sy Snootles - YES! - I should have thought of that first - but either works).