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    Smile St. Louis, MO - Aurra Sing Masterpiece $19.99!

    Per Sirsteve's news a couple days ago about reports of the Sing Masterpiece showing up for $19.99, I decided to call a few Waldenbooks yesterday (3/4/02). Bingo! The Waldenbooks at the Galleria told me over the phone that they had 12 of them in stock. They set one aside for me, so I went today to pick it up. It is pretty cool and worth the $19.99 + tax. Far better than the $75.00 price tag currently on Amazon! I did not see them on the shelf anywhere, so I would call (314-725-9655) first to make sure they have them.

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    Thanks for the tip

    You could not pull one from behind the counter and leave one on the shelf for me this time?

    In other 12" news, the Wal-Mart on Manchester has Maul/Speeder bike on clearace for $14.50.

    They also have the Lego Starfigher for $19.92

    and 30 pegs of has-beens. I wonder how they keep it from bursting into flames?

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    Question found any others?

    I work 3rd shift and by the time I get home, I always forget to call around and look. Has anyone found any of the other MasterPiece books & figures? I always forget what's out, but I think there is also an Anakin and C-3PO.

    Has anyone in St. Louis found either of the other 2 lately? If so, where?

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    I picked my Anakin Masterpiece off of eBay last year sometime, although I think I only paid about $25 for it. I bought my C-3PO from Amazon last year as well when it was on sale for about $45, but I had some Amazon gift certificates to burn so I ended up only paying about $15. I doubt you are going to find these two in stores anymore, but you never know! I would research the ISBN number off of Amazon and then give some local bookstores a call to see if what you can find. By the way, Amazon still has the C-3PO and Anakin...



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    There are two Waldenbooks in my immediate area -- within 10 minute drive time. I picked up Aurra Sing on Saturday, and there was a couple of C-3PO sets, too. I picked up the 3PO set around Christmas time.

    It helps when you have a co-worker who works part-time at Waldenbooks. I have her looking out for the latest Vanity Fair for me.

    Any chance the Anakin set will show up again for $20??


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