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    Imperial shuttle due august...

    This just in at theprivateuniverse A reputable site for news. Just thought it might interest you guys with all the talk lately of a shuttle release. Whether it is true is still debatable. but as I say TPU have been right about a good many items including the 25th anniversary pack and R4-M9.

    Imperial Shuttle - Official Confirmation!
    Pete [Editor] Tuesday, March 5th 2002 - 04:04:34 PM

    I'm hot off the phone with an Official Source who gave me this news on the rumoured Imperial Shuttle...

    The shuttle is scheduled for US release in August, and shortly followed by the UK release in September. The price is estimated at 100 UK, and I am informed the shuttle DOESN'T at this time contain any pack in figures. The figures rumoured elsewhere could be exclusive to the US store carrying it, and not included for the UK release.

    It's official! So forget your summer holiday, use the saving for this much wanted vehicle!

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    All I can say is....finally!
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    Alllllriiiiight! However... 100 UK=$142 USD.

    We'll I'm sure they are taking some sort of cost of living and importing cost into account here.
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    yeah, the UK having some of the highest import taxes in the world!!!! not to mention that we also have one of the highest costs of living going..... I would imagine though that the shuttle would set you Ameeericans back by about $100. And this thing is going to a short run probably. limited numbers and all that. Store exclusive blah blah blah....

    I'm starting to save anyway. Just in case it turns out to be true. Frankly, I don't care how much it costs just so long as I get one - should it be released. I'll even forego these wonderful shiney new AOTC figures in order to get one I am so glad I have a partner who understands the sickness that is 'being a collector' Just as well really as it's their credit card I'll be using to pay for it.....

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    The make or break of this piece will be the packaging. We are now talking about the most expensive Star Wars 3 3/4 piece ever made. If it comes in a great window box so I don't have to open it...GREAT !! A big cardboard box will do nothing for me and it will sit there until reduced. That's a lot of money that people will not have in a movie year.

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    Well what makes or breaks it for me is the pack-ins. If there aren't any, i will not be picking it up unless it is seriously marked down. I hope that Imperial Dignitaries are included. If none are, i am happy with my vintage one. Pack-ins are a must.
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    You are buying for the pack-ins.

    You are going to pay $100 for an Imperial Dignatary figure?

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    If they can deliver it for the rumored $75.00 price point by dropping the pack-ins, I'll be a happy camper. I would much prefer a regular carded release of the Imperial Dignitaries and a New Emporer anyway. Since most of the pack-ins have been pretty "stinkowiff" anyway.

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    you know what? I really don't care if there are pack ins.It would be nice but it certainly wouldn't stop me from buying this ship.I can't wait.I hope August is true.I'd like at least one imperial dignitary.
    I really wonder if this will really be a FAO exclusive.How bad off is that chain now?If they're really bad how many could possibly be made available?
    My wifes family lives in Jersey and we've made a habit of going to Woodbridge(?) to get certain FAO Exclusives.Is that store even open now?
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    FAO must be hurting as much as most toy retailers these days...You think the FAO near you is bad...mine still has ID4 toys, no kidding!
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