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    Ep 1 dislikers, when did it FIRST go wrong for you?

    During my first viewing of Episode I at a midnight show, I went in feeling giddy about watching a new Star Wars film, but for me, when Daulty Dofine says "Are you brain-dead?!?", it made me really wonder if something had gone seriously wrong. I got past the weird voice of the Republic Cruiser pilot and the odd attitude and voice of TC-14, but when that line was uttered, my giddy feeling turned into a sense of dread, which was confirmed by the next 2 hours.

    So, for you dislikers, when did that sense of impending doom first strike you?
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    The stark coldness of the first scene where the Jedi enter the trade federation ship. The fact that the music never matches the scene. The stilted wooden delivery of all the dialogue no matter who says it. The way that the trade federation reception room the Jedi are in looks like a corporate executive conference room in a japanese electronics firm. the fact that the film never really picked up pace from there on in. Natalie Portmans voice - or rather the hokey accent she attempts. As soon as she spoke i felt my skin crawl. the way all the scenes don't seem to be finished and all the element s look to be done by numbers with clunky pauses between dialogue and action sequence - Like the real director was running the show via a satellite link from a hospital intensive care bed....

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    I wouldn't exactly call myself an Ep1 disliker, but upon my first viewing everything up to the Podrace seemed pretty dull and slow, as if all the characters' actions were predetermined and the actors were just going through the motions. In any well-made film, one action should logically lead up to another action, a cause and effect relationship. With a majority of TPM, each scene required some kind of mental leap, because the logic the characters were using totally conflicted with our system of logic. Many times a solution was discovered before a problem was even found. Like JarJar's revelation that he could take the Jedi to the Gungan city, well the movie never even explained why they needed to go to a city in the first place. Why not just hijack some Federation vehicles and beat-feet to Theed?

    Upon repeat viewing of the movie, I've realized that I'm just hanging in there for the two major action sequences, the Podrace and Final Jedi Duel.

    Don't get me wrong I still like TPM, for the same reasons I've forced myself to like ROTJ, and this is the first time I've actually tried to constructively criticize the film. So if I made no sense I'm sorry, all these feelings I've surpressed about the movie are just now flooding to the surface.

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    Good, good... give in to your anger. Your hatred will make you strong.....

    actually, you voiced more eloquently what i was trying to say before.

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    I feel the Dark Side flowing through me...ooh, it tickles

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    I think its a slow moving movie with not the best graphics at sometimes. We didn't see much of the Jedi and the Council.

    Plus that line Qui-Gon said to shmi when anakin was showing Qui-Gon the pod was rude IMO and it just continued to go down hill from there! And the final battle, it keeped on changing from MAUL VS OBI and QUI,Gungan Land battle and the air assult, really bugged me.

    Plus some bad acting!
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    Thumbs up

    I too am not a Ep. I disliker, but would have to say the Neimodians costumes were cheap looking. The pod scene was boring and too long. As I write this, I admit, although never to any one who is not a Star Wars fans, Episode I was not that good. Maybe I am a disliker, I don't know.
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    Jargo, I think that was the feeling Lucas was getting at with the Trade Federation's waiting room (and the TF themselves, but that's a totally different thread ).

    I too don't care for the music, and I did feel uneasy when I first heard it (same with the sound effect of the Republic Cruiser's engines), but I remember still holding out hope till that stupid line of Daulty's... I think it was LUCAS who was "brain dead" when he wrote that.

    Barada, do you mean the whole Tatooine sequences up to the pod, everything from the end of the crawl to the podrace, or perhaps everything from the Royal Starship's leaky hyperdrive leading UP TO the podrace? Just curious, though it seems like you only like some of the ELEMENTS of the film, like how I feel about ROTJ (and TPM).

    evenflow, you might fit in with Barada, he likes PARTS, but not the film as a whole.

    Readers, remember that this is about the FIRST time you felt uneasy about Ep 1, not just EVERY time (we don't have enough bandwidth for that I should just post the whole film in MPEG format )
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    On first viewing, the very first thing that made me uneasy was the dialogue as soon as the Jedi reveal their faces. Qui Gon's delivery then ( and every line thereafter ) sounded like Liam was just plain bored and had no idea how to act the part. Obi Wan's line about something greater disturbing the Force was forced foreshadowing. It's fine to foreshadow stuff, but for christsakes, work it into the story, don't just beat us over the head with it.

    That was the first sign of trouble, and I could go on and on after that (Natalie's terrible accent, Nemodian's bad lines, etc), but that's a book in and of itself!

    Speaking of the Jedi needing to get to the city, why the hell did the Federation guys land on the opposite side of the planet in the middle of a forest and not in a village or city? Stupid, stupid, stupid....ARRGGGGGGH. Why couldn't it have been good...ohhh...I need to lay down for a spell...

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    I think Watto was pretty much what pulled the movie out of the depths for me. He was probably the most interesting character in the film. And the most convincing CGI, at worst he looked like a puppet.

    I think the lowest point in the movie, upon first viewing was when the Jedi were taken before Boss Nass. Just a terrible and awkward transition. Plus if Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan had showed a little emotion during the fish chases then those sequences wouldn't seem so pointless.


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